Another Master bites the dust

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  1. Was reading a old SFO magazine last night (8,9/2003 issue) and read the article starting on page 29 "Anatomy of a master trader, programmer, and systems writer". Edward Velazquez supposedly sold a system for 10's of millions, so I read the article to glean some insight's. Looked interesting so I did a Basic search this morning to see if he's working in the futures world. Pretty surprised to find this under his name:

    95% failure rate is beginning to look like a lowball estimate.:p :p
  2. There is a fundamental flaw in the system:

    The crooks are MUCH smarter than the regulators.

    When was the last time you heard...
    The smartest guy in his class say, "I wanna be an NASD examiner".


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  3. fhl


    Wisdom is the principal thing. Nobody ever accused Hitler of being stupid.:D
  4. I read that he made a lot of tactical descisions based on the recommendations of an astrolger. Thought he could solve his problem with the Jews by wiping them out. I would say he was a moron.
  5. I've never understood why anyone would even buy a system.

    Design your own.

    There is a reason why people sell the things. if they were that good, do you really think they'd sell em?