Another Liberal Lie Exposed

Discussion in 'Politics' started by drjekyllus, Nov 3, 2009.

  1. The entire world hates the US. At least that is what you would think if you watched Obama and his group of socialists. We have heard Obama address the global community on countless occasions and explain to them that he agrees that the US is a horrible country and he is truely sorry for the way the US behaved in the past. He hopes to correct any past injustices. Now we have this.

    Millions worldwide would like to switch countries: study

    WASHINGTON (AFP) – Some 700 million people worldwide, or more than all the adults of North and South America combined, think the grass is greener on the other side of the fence and want to permanently move to another country, a poll showed Tuesday.

    Residents of sub-Saharan African countries were the most likely to want to move abroad permanently, the polls conducted in 135 countries between 2007 and this year by Gallup showed.

    On average, 38 percent of the adult population in sub-Saharan Africa, or around 165 million people, said they would up stakes and head for another country if they had the chance.

    The most popular destination was the United States, where nearly a quarter of the 700 million -- around 165 million people -- said they would like to settle.

    It certainly must suck to be a left winger with no concept, no idea of how the rest of the world works.
  2. They obviously don't understand that America is rapidly becoming the same as they wish to flee.

    The single most important thing the politicos could do for America would be to restore Constitutional rights and protect them.

    The Libtards are working to further destroy the Constitution in their lust for power.. :mad: