Another Liberal, Another Last Place On Jeopardy!

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  1. "New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman took his turn appearing on the game show along with CNN‘s Anderson Cooper and NBC’s Kelly O’Donnell. Rather than wowing the audience with his intellect, the three-time Pulitzer Prize winner ended up coming in last place — even falling short of the $2,300 Matthews was able to win just days before."

    With the category “21st Century Lingo,” the answer was, “In 2011, BusinessWeek said European government bonds were this ‘poisonous’ kind of debt.”

    Friedman responded, “Sub-prime.” I guess he missed the clue in quotation marks “poisonous.”

    The correct response of course was “toxic.”

    In the same category moments later, the answer was, “It’s the ‘tiny’ term for a person who writes short posts about one’s personal life on Tumblr or Twitter.”

    Once again, the word in quotations marks was the clue, and once again Friedman missed it.
    “What is a tweeter?” he replied.

    Of course, the answer was “micro-blogger.”

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    anderson cooper lived in the real world.
    there is a pattern here.
    foolish leftist professors in ivy towers is not an empty bromide.
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