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  1. I will be trading NQ.

    Here is my set-up.

    3-minute chart.
    ADX 9
    MA 3 and 65
    MACD 12 26 9.

    Entry wait for ADX to get to 50.

    For long entries
    DI+ > DI-
    MACD above 0 and fast line above slow line.
    3 MA above 65.

    Wait for a bar to close below the 3 MA and buy .25 above the bar. Stop will be 1.5 below the low of the bar and will be trailed by 1.5 points if the trade moves in your favor.

    Maximum 2 trades per day.

    I usually trade on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays only. Let's see what tomorrow brings.

    Can someone please tell me how to post a chart in the body instead of an attachment.
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    Upload it to and copy the 2nd line into the body of message:

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  4. Thanks, let's see if this uploads correctly.

    Here is today's trade. 1 is where you got the signal and 2 is where you cover for a total profit of 4.75 points.

  5. How do I make the chart smaller.
  6. Here is this morning's trade.
    At point 1, ADX > 50 and DI+ > DI-

    At 2, 3MA crossed over 65 and price closed below 3. Entered long at the next bar after the high was breached.

    At 3 exited from the trade with a trailing stop 1.5 below the low. Stop is only moved up never down.

    The buy price was 21 but got filled at 19.75. By the time I entered the order price was down a bit.

    Will post blotter later.

  7. [​IMG]
  8. I'm modifying one of the conditions here. If the 3 MA is below 65 MA and price is going up I need the ADX to be 50 or close, but if the price is already above 65 and 3 MA then ADX around 40 will work too.

    Just one trade today. Let's see what tomorrow brings.
  9. ADX > 50 and DI- > DI+.

    Waiting for the 3 MA to cross below 65.
  10. MA never crossed below so it is invalid now.

    ADX> 40 and DI+ > DI-, so I'll be going long on a pullback.
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