Another Jack Hershey success story

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  2. You let us know when he posts a blotter nkhoi.. strange that you seem incapable of using yourself as an example after 6 years studying SCT :cool:
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  4. The latest Jack Hershey success story! :p
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    You gotta be kidding me!! You make up a name and start the same named thread thats been done like 10 times already.

    Trader666 you really need to get a fucking life. It was funny at first but now its just getting really sad. You could be rich if you put this much effort into trading. I guess some people find passion in the strangest things.

    Good luck with your career.
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    To serve and protect ET from Jack Hershey we bring you the most dedicated couple on this site... Its the Hershey Highway Patrol. Trader666 who has an 18 story database of Jack Hershey archives and a detective kit plus his fearful partner Mandelbrotset who backed out of a trading challenge and supports both himself and T666 with his busboy job at the local diner.

    [​IMG]...Rare photo of Trader666 not in his basement. He is obviously on a Jack Hershey mission in uniform and ready for inconsistencies. Look Out!!

    [​IMG] ...if you wanna be apart of the HHP you better forget about conventional training and get this. Trader666 bought this kit online and used it to perfect his skills in finding inconsistencies in trading methods.

    [​IMG] …here is a current picture of Mandelbrotset at his current job as a busboy. Sometimes he scrounges up food off of the dirty plates and tries to entice Trader666 to leave his basement and come to the diner for a bite to eat. But of couse Trader666 will not leave his basement/bash jack even if it meant starving to death.

    [​IMG]… And here is Trader666 hiding in Jacks bushes waiting for inconsistencies. He will stop at nothing in his quest for Jack Hershey degrading information even if it means to never accomplish a single thing for the rest of his life.

    [​IMG]... This is trader666 sleeping at night. If anything Jack Hershey related comes up during the time he sleeps his computer will sound an alarm and he will respond like greased lightening with pictures and degrading material relating to Jack.

    [​IMG] ... And if you thought a life dedicated to Hershey bashing was easy take a look at Mandelbrotset hiding under the covers. Being that this entails harsh criticism you may find someone challenging you to trade... in person. Mandelbrotset totally and completely backed down from a trading challenge live and in person recently. He was later found shivering under the covers. The lesson is that most people who suck balls at trading are the ones who would dedicate their lives to help you stay away from trading inconsistencies.

    The Hershey Highway Patrol are on the job 24hours a day. You can count on them for finding trading falacies and reasons why Jacks method doesn't work. They could care less about profitable trading, life or the joys of the world. They've got a job to do and they will never give up!!!
  8. You must have a lot of time on your hands Suma :p

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    Who knows?

    What we all do know is that you are Trader666.
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