Another Jack Hershey Follower....

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    So sad to see. This guy has never heard of elite trader, and tried to trade a $1,000 account on 1 s&p e-mini contract.

    His worst sin is his 3 word description of his newest system called "Spyder." The description is : Jack Hershey Methods.

    Anyone want to recommend a shrink for this guy?

    One more sin: denying drawdown is relevant. Oh boy.
  2. He'll need a shrink after getting ripped a new one by those merciless bastards over there.

    Oh, that's right we have merciless bastards here too.:cool:
  3. I was the one ripping him a new one. But he decided to ignore me.
  4. Pekelo


    We discussed this system 2 weeks ago in another Jack thread. After taking another look, you are incorrect, the system is actually up $2400 as of today, trading 1 ES contract at a time. It trades too often tough and the gain per trade is too small.
    There is no mention of $1000 account, where did you get that?
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    Here's a screenshot from Jack's camtasia, along with what the stock did afterwards.

    And here you can download a small mp3 file to hear Jack himself talk about the trade:
    <a href=''></a>



    Jack rallying the SCT troops
  6. rawfist


    Oh fuck off shill.. that method has been tested up the wazoo and fails everytime
  7. Pekelo


    Yes, I made my handle 3 years earlier than you, I must be a shill, specially for Jack! :)
    (and posted 3600 just to throw you off)

    So looks like that when there is actual evidence that Jack's system can be traded profitably, this is your best argument? By the way Jack is on my Ignore and I don't know much about his system, but I can evaluate a system based on C2 statistics....

    Now we gonna say goodbye because you are a moron...On Ignore from now...(you will be there in good company with Jack) :)
  8. rawfist


    Well come on shill, start calling realtime live trades and lets see how your method goes..

    Yeah thats what I thought shill.. now as previously stated.. fuck off
  9. rawfist


    And I love it when none of you can provide them you chicken shit losers

    None of you have the brains or balls to come up with your own method so you run like sheep to a crazy old guy that knows how to play you with NLP :p
  10. rawfist


    Oh I never expect them, you don't have to taste a turd to know it's a turd

    Only you losers that can't think for yourselves end up with brown lips :p
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