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Discussion in 'Options' started by dagnyt, Jun 23, 2009.

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  1. This time I'm interviewed by OneMint, a personal finance blogger.

    It's my chance to tell the world (or anyone who visits there) why options are appropriate investments for a wide range of investors.

    I try to dispel the myth that options cannot be used conservatively or are not for rookies.

    I have to fight the idea that options cannot be used by passive investors or that individual investors should avoid options altogether.

    It's jut amazing how so many people think of options as an enemy. So here I am, spreading the word.

  2. Investing or Trading?

  3. This time I'm speaking to investors - those who buy and hold and never consider risk.

    Also speaking to those who own index funds. They can use options for risk reduction.

    Traders are another audience because, as people actively involved in the markets, most are fully aware that options exist - even if then don't use them.

  4. Quote: "I am happy to present my interview with Mark from Options for Rookies"


    I am also reporting this post to the mods.
  5. Report all you want.

    This is NOT spamming. You should get yourself a dictionary.

    As a regular contributor here, I believe some readers will want to know more about how I view options trading. That makes it easier to accept (or disregard) my advice.

    And I do offer good, helpful advice. Do you?

  6. Quote from dagnyt:

    This is NOT spamming. You should get yourself a dictionary.

    "Spam takes advantage of the open nature of comments on forums or blogs by repeatedly placing comments to various posts that provide links back to the spammer's web site. Similar attacks are often performed against wikis and guestbooks, both of which accept user contributions."

    The main reason you posted the interview was to make it known you have a business, Let others post "your interviews." You are using the classic method as people do when "writing articles" or "getting links." Gaining traffic. As the accidental constant pointing people to your blog:


    As a regular contributor here, I believe some readers will want to know more about how I view options trading. "

    As a regular self-promoting person, you mean. You want to be "helpful" then stop undercutting the sponsors, who pay for the privilege. Leave out self-promotions, blog references and trying to be clever by using endorsements by other sites

    There are lots of people here who manage to regularly contribute without constantly droping hints about their business.

    And I do offer good, helpful advice.

    Your opinion. So far, you are mainly seeking to build publicity for yourself.
  8. <<< I have had enough 'thank you' replies over the years to know that my responses have been appreciated more often than not. Just take a look at who doesn't appreciate my posts: putz master. What better endorsement do I need? >>>

    While Mark has made it clear he disapproves of my posts and strategy... (and everything else having to do with my existance), I've read his Options for Rookies blog, and found it not only useful, but enjoyable and easy to read.
    I recommend it for all investors getting into options.
    Whether it's spam or not, I'll let the moderators decide.
    But I think a link to his blog should be reposted every so often, so new readers here can benefit from it.
    My suggestion would be to give his blog link it's own thread monthly, so new readers were aware of it.

    In case anyone thinks I'm just kissing up to Mark, who I think has a tendency to be rude and tempermental,... I really don't care what Mark or a couple of his rude pals think of me.
    I'm happy Mark has me on ignore. I wish his pals would follow his example.
    However, this is a place for discussing options. Marks blog is on topic, and thus I think its link should be approved.
    However, I do understand where others feel its spam, since it may contain sponsors or links that are off topic.

    As for his interview with coach Phil, I was really looking foward to reading it, as I've followed the coaches postings for many years.
    My only complaint was that it didn't contain many "deep thoughts", nor as much substance as I had hoped for.
    Mark is a better teacher than interviewer.

    Putz Master
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