Another huge week ahead

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  1. time to get that buying underway.

    buy orders lined up for the morning gap+ the usual morning dip+ more buying to daily highs and then huge surge into the close for another 260 week high for nasdaq, dow, and S&P. Time to load up on stock ASAP.

    The stocks to buy are as always:


    The nasdaq 3000 by Dec 2007?

    NO bad news:

    As of 8:58 p.m. MST • Sunnis blast hanging of 2 Saddam aides
    • Storm blacks out parts of Northeast
    • Pakistan army destroys al-Qaida hideouts
    • Iran to press ahead with expanded enrichment
    • Far-right group formed in European parliament
    • Doughnut industry attempts to develop healthier recipes
    • Marlins' Willis gets $6.45 million deal

    Terror under control

    3 day weekend buying anticipation

    Oil prices cratering!!

    Bush sending in more troops and will exptend war till end of term (this is bullish for markets. War=manufacturing=earnings=rally)

    Copperate profits all time highs

    Illegals granted amnesty (more cheap labor=more $$ for corps=less wages & jobs 4 you! but you can make it up by buying stock though)

    Consumers spending record high (more money for MA stock buy all you can and more growth/

    Falling dollar? Who cares Old news

    Interest rates to remain stable. Fed wont raise for many many months. Possible rate hike already priced in.

    Nasdaq trechnicals very strong with breakout above 2475 last week. Huuge buying to continue till 2600 and then a brief pause+ more buying.
  2. I <i>was</i> moderately bullish going into next week, but thanks to you I've just revised my outlook.
    Much appreciated! :D
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    We cant do anything till we hear from BlueFreek.
  4. Yes, where is BS when we need his advice !
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    we need eqtrader to post his usual..
  6. BS has been dead wrong for the past 2 months anticipating that so called 'big selloff'...lost all cred
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    Its the consistency that matters ... cant wait. :)
  8. I love 100% up room to go with ZERO RISK$$$

    If long is wrong....... I don't want to be right $$$$

    KaFriggin' chingo $$$

    Who's your daddy??

    NO RISK + NO FEAR = free money
  9. This is one where you are wrong...rate CUTS are still being priced in...if they hike, which they will have to, then that will be the end of the stock least temporarily...