Another huge rally today

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  1. can't stop this market

    no one cares about manufacturing. The non manufacturing ISM Services Index was reported at 40.6 for December, 3.3% higher than 37.3 in November, higher than the expected level of 36.4.

    This proves that the strength of the US economy is in high tech and service sectors.

    Large cap tech is once again leading the new bull market with shares of AMZN, AAPL, BIDU, FSLR, GOOG, surging. Any manufacturing can simply be outsourced without the burden of useless unions ,workers compensation, unemployment benefits, pensions, nest eggs, and any of that nonsense that eats into corporate profits.

    buy all you can. don't over trade . cuz I am almost always right.
  2. you are almost always right. except the past 20 years when the dow has done...uh...nothing...
  3. you must be joking

    the dow was at 2000 in 1989
  4. GTS


    Wow, huge rallies ain't what they used to be... less than 1% in the Dow and S&P...
  5. dow up 83 points and surging. still 50 more minutes of trading. easily end up 190 points at this rate.
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    You're two for two today on posting that the market is surging followed by an immediate market sell-off.

    A perfect contra-indicator.
  7. lol.....leave him alone. He's had a bad run of it these last few years.
  8. Measured against GOLD, the DJIA has lost over 50% of its value from 2002. Buy & Hold is not the best strategy, in my opinion.
  9. Yesterday after the close the dow was down 50 virtual points to 8900, now it's up 50 points. Thats a 100 point advance, which I consider to be a great success after even more bad econ news.
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