Another huge rally today

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  1. Making money in this stock market ever since August 16th has been so easy

    As I said before the whole subprime and lending and liquidty crunch was no big deal because nothing happened and nothing had changed. A few funds blew up but that was it. Companies continued to churn huge profits, american and global consumers continued to buy.

    During the so called 'liquidity crunch' here is where I told people to buy. I t coudn't have been more obvious.

    Turn on the news. There are no problems The top headlines are the usual stuff. britney spears an, missing children, and the usual skirmishes in Iraq. No news about inflation, subprimes, lending, mortgages, OIL PRICES, GAS PRICES, real estate, bubbles or any of that nonsense bears keeps talking about. Why? CAUSE IT ISNT A BIG DEAL.

    Rising oil and gold is bullish and so is falling dollar. This trend of rising comodities and falling dollar will continue for a very long time.

    I've made a bundle with EWZ calls I'm adding more.

    BIDU, RIMM, AAPL, GOOGLE and list goes on

    This bull market which began in October 2002 began its second phase rally in September 2006. The S&P 500 gained 400 points from Sep. 2006 lows to now. It will proceed to go higher. The first phase was between october 2002 and october 2003.

    There will be no more large selloffs, corrections or bear markets.

    If we fast forward many decades volatility will converge to zero with very brief spikes, but the mean will be very close to zero. Any dip will be bought.

    The dow, S&P and nasdaq charts will become nearly prefectly smooth.

    Whereas in the past 50 years it wasn't uncommon for the market to fluctute more than 2% in a single day by 2050 the fluctuations will be very slight percentage wise. A big sellof may only be 1/5% or even less.
  2. You owe for a new laptop Jackball. When I read the end of this dribble I did a spit take of three fingers of Dickle. You have got to be the biggest Tool that has ever entered this forum.
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    Stock you're making some huge assumptions here buddy.
  4. I find myself praying for a complete meltdown jsut so you would take it in the ass.

    Thats how much i dislike you, I'm willing to sacrifice the livelihood of millions just so you would shut the fuck up.

    Man, i'm letting the internet get to me again.
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  6. Please put stock_turder on ignore...AND STOP QUOTING HIM!!!

    All trolls wither and die if they are ignored.

    Ignore him, and he will go away.
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    who says a meltdown needs to occur for that to happen.....fruitcake :D
  8. Why get angry when you can go long and make money?

    Those who bashed me two months ago could have bought some calls instead and would have made a huge profit.
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    new highs on the DOW...


    got to love it....

    :D :D :D :D :D :D
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    I keep hearing on bloomberg that retailers are going to have their worst sales in some time, why does this not phase me,hmmm. Maybe because negative news for the market means it only goes higher.

    The worse the retail sales are the better.
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