Another hot teacher messing with underage boy

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  1. One student told police McCandless and the boy "did everything except have sex" and it was obvious to everyone what was going on.

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  2. .......and she bought the booze.

    I hope this kid realizes life is downhill from here. My hat is off to him for the 30 to 45 minutes at a time. Hey, at that age. Now, if I disappear like that, my wife calls the police; not that I'm doing anything wrong, she just figures I need help getting home.
  3. He will teased for the rest of his life about not going all the way. :D
  4. I thought only men were perverts?
  5. they caught one in italy [monza] as well very recently: the bitch has had sex with 5 boys but she says she's been forced.:D
  6. I guess this is one thing teachers and priest's have in common. Having sex with underage boys.:eek:
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    What really gets me is that I was apparently born too early to participate in these shenanigans. Sheesh, the nasty old hags I had giving me detention etc.
  8. Well unfortunately, i was a teenage boy once, and ill say straight out, i found a couple of teachers far too attractive to feel comfortable with.
    Them, and anything else that moved, basically.

    But that teenagers for you...their all quite mad.
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    I had a 25 year old GF when I was 17, - tons of sex - it was great, she was in her prime. Now I'm in my forties and my latest GF is 26 - same old story..:D