Another horrendous Cramer call

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  1. On his "Stop Trading" segment today, Cramer was giddy and screaming that the bottom was in (again) and he loved the financials (again).


    In Cramer's view, the export economy is "red hot." He said he was "raising numbers on all financials."

    "All is forgiven," Cramer said of his previous animosity toward the Federal Reserve. "Financials should be bought."


    XLF was trading above 29 when the segment aired. Within minutes, Gasparino reported iminent downgrades of ABK and MBI and soon after that, Fitch downgraded FGIC. Then, after the market closed, S&P came out with huge loss projections from CDO's.

    Last print on XLF was 27.66. If you bought on Cramers recommendation, you would be down roughly 5% in a matter of hours.

    Another great call SkeeeDaddy.

    P.S.-- Watch, tomorrow he will be yelling about how much he hates the financials and how he's been negative on them for months.

  2. Selloff? So What?

    By Jim Cramer Columnist
    1/30/2008 3:57 PM EST

    So What? You're just dead, and gonna get deader.

    LOL. It's only money. Who listens to this shit? When he said buy 'em, it was the best fade since blue jeans in the Sun.

    It's to the point of embarrassement. Anybody have viewership numbers? I like to wallow in others' suffering.
  3. I'm seriously considering a "Cramer Fade" portfolio for 2008.
    One of yesterdays dogs was ALGN traded below $12
    Cramer was all over in in October whhen it was $26
    LOL..the sad thing is that there are thousands of Joe and Jane Q. Public's out there following every word of his.

    Isn't there a website that follows all of his picks?
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    I once tried that including my own calls in parallel too, but, soon had to give since his calls are so grayish that it becomes impossible to categorize them as a buy/sell/hold etc. very cunningly smart on his part!
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    It isn't about Cramer. It is about those who follow Cramer and those who are responsible for sham to go on. My guess is Cramer was at the right place, knew the right people and was "lucky" at the right time to have caught a move for which he took credit and believed it was all about him.
  6. Cramer's brain was in his hair, and now he is a bald bastard. what does that tell ya.
  7. I heard that he "panned" CRDN last night on his show . . . and as a result, CRDN is one of the few stocks + today, up $1.00 in a horrible market.

    If that isn't a long-term BUY SIGNAL, I don't know what is!

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    Somebody should create a website called: Keep track of these, and let the public know.
  9. A big part of the scam, IMO, is the implied market recommendation. It goes something like this "you have to be a buyer down here" or "you have to lighten up into this". It's more of an open ended type of suggestion that alot of pundits use to try to protect their arse and still leave themselves leeway.

    In a market such as this "buyer down here" without specifics is complete garbage. The guy can never be held to a specific call and then weasels his way out of the collection of horrific calls with the above tactics.

    And then he goes on CNBC and tries to talk down Rick Santelli with this complete line of bullshit.
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    and the only thing which he CAN be held accountable for - actual buy and sells in his action alerts portfolio - was barely above the s&p from 2002-2006, and below it if you actually purchased the action alerts package.

    i don't know what it was in 2007, and from sep or so '01 -> jan 02, before they restarted it, it was abysmal.
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