Another hedgefund down

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    Look at the charts at the open today. Many spikes up and down in many stocks with high volume (BBY for instance). It seems to be that someone was seeking alpha and found omega (his end).

    Market-neutral long/short hedgies have to sell instantly their longs if they are forbidden to have shorts. Their longs are financed by their shorts.

    In my opinion the charts show that some large hedgefunds were killed today...

    Waiting for news about this...
  2. I can hardly wait for September's performance numbers to come out. :cool:
  3. gobar


    zion went from 40 to 131

    wow thats just all time high for zion..
  4. Daal


    nazz, ospraie-pickens all over again. they wanted to short financials till they got delisted. greed is not good with this administration/fed :p
  5. dsq


    what a farce...naked shorting ok but shorting altogether?what a joke...shorters are just gonna gang up on other sectors...btw you can short axp -its not on the list -i think..