another head &shoulder on DOW-daily

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  1. just like yesterday. evertime i see one,i by MZZ or SDS.
  2. We're gonna have a huge rally instead

    go long now

    4/5 times when the chart looks it absolute weakest intraday the huge funds step in and start buying just to fuck with technical day traders
  3. i'm out already with another 2 points,just like yesterday. the market can go to the moon or drop like a rock,i don't care because i already made the easy money.
  4. Always after the fact, huh? Why not create the thread before you close your position? :p
  5. i do,look at all my threads from yesterday and before. today was the only day i did'nt. thats because it wouyld have been another head and shoulder thread. i always post before the fact and unlike you,i make money. you have'nt a clue about trading or the stock market. you are going to find yourself in a world of trouble financially if you have'nt already. i am serious,this is not an occupation for you.
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    That's what you said yesterday. I'm new to ET and wondered why you always get flamed but I understand the reason now.
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    oatmeals <--- quick learner.:D
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    I believe that's what he says every day.
  9. Fact of the matter is, when you have a rally and it "FAILS", as this did, it shows weakness.

    Rallies failed the last two days, or attempt at rallies can not hold.

    Car bail out is still not certain, Oil poped but pulled back as well.

    Weakness and the VIX are key signals.

    We could very well close with a serious sell off at the EOD.

    There are ZERO reasons to believe that a RALLY is going to happen.

  10. we got a triple white candle on the dow

    up we go!

    still 70 more minutes of trading

    could end the day up 250 points
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