Another great vid- UK major on BBC calls Israel the most humane military on earth

Discussion in 'Politics' started by phenomena, Jun 20, 2010.

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  2. Not new and previously posted. Featuring a chap who touts for military consultancy work, yep a paid mouthpiece.
  3. What do you mean by "touts for military consultancy work"?

    Is this part of the vast zionist conspiracy??? :D

  4. Most states involved in conflict will use these methods nothing new to see here.
    I for one do not believe the "Zionist conspiracy theory" so go pin that tail elsewhere.
  5. I'd love to, but you're the only ass in this thread right now. Anyhow, can you answer my questions regarding your statement now? Also, can you tell me what is false in Kemp's statements on the video?

  6. All Kemp did in the interview was reassure without providing facts or evidence. See from 1:54 where he tries to justify the IDF claims of avoiding civilian casualties.
    Kemp: when you look at the number of civilians causalities that have been caused that does not sound too credible

    And at from 2:45 on the destruction of the safe house.
    Kemp: I don’t have any of the facts available on that

    The only conclusion Kemp came to was that sh*t happens in war and no validation of IDF tactics whatsoever. I do believe that the IDF did develop a playbook for ops amongst civilians post Lebanon that focused on minimizing civilian casualties but we can see from the footage during and after the skirmish that this playbook was given scant regard.
  7. Yes, he said that he didn't have any of the facts on one single, specific incident and declined to discuss it. How does that invalidate everything he said? If anything it goes to his credibility for acknowledging that he didn't have any of the facts about that incident, instead of defending it.

    He mentioned the fact that allowing in humanitarian aid and food into a warzone of hostiles is virtually unprecedented in the modern history of warfare, and that this was done by the Israelis.

    What are you talking about regarding Kemp and military consulting? The IDF bends over backwards FAR more than the USA, UK, Canadian forces in terms of avoiding civilian casualties. You obviously haven't spent any time in the armed forces and have no familiarity with things martial or you'd know that. So, if you are accusing Israel of being reckless or barbaric, then you'd have to make that same accusation x10 about the USA, UK, France, etc. Yet I don't see you whining and crying about them..

    Of course all this is really absurd being that Hamas actually purposely targets civilians, and uses their own as human shields, yet you have nothing to say about that... Where's your sympathetic outcry about that? You really show your hand without realizing it...

  8. Since there is no defined benchmark on civilian death reduction in combat I can see no way of comparing the Israel to any other state. You have missed the fact that it was the US military that provided civilian assistance in the early stages of both the Afghanistan and Iraq conflicts and the Afghanistan civilian assistance program went above and beyond anything yet seen on this earth. Israel can only dream about providing something comparable to the US military civilian assistance programs. We are all aware of the reputation of Hamas but thread is about the IDF not Hamas, diverge if you wish but you not find any support coming from me for Hamas.
  9. LOL!!! So much for your whole "military consulting" garbage. I didn't think you'd clarify that. It's probably better we don't have a drawn out process of actually identifying each next claim of yours as bullshit. We can pretty much just move on, mutually accepting that whatever claim you make is most likely bullshit. LOL!!! I'm glad we've established this process.

    Dragon, you are wrong again(big suprise)... Palestinians are the largest recipients of foreign aid in the world, larger than the afghans or iraqis.

  10. Kemp was a paid military consultant to UN Watch and has provided counter arguments on the Goldstone Report.
    Were talking about military assistance to civilians during conflict and as yet the USA is the foremost in this field at present and is unlikely to be challenged anytime soon.
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