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  1. marketsurfer in his never ending quest to bring you the BEST market information and stock picks is pleased to announce linking with a fantastic economic numbers site. this site is the best one i have ever seen with economic numbers analysis and tradeable information. go to and under "new and cool" click on the first entry--economic number analysis.

    enjoy !


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    Hi Marketsurfer, nice site really!
    Only one thing seems to be not very good.... that picture with your logo is very low quality (I mean the one on top of your page) and it gives a very bad impression of a very good site.

    Those fonts are really jagged and compression is really bad.
    If you like I can "optimize" your original pix and you can reload it on your server in a second. (i hope it's clear I'm not looking for a reward, it takes a couple of minutes, just trying to be helpful)

    If you think i can be of any help, let me know with a Pm on elite.

    Marco from Italy


    oh now i see what the problem is, i downloaded your pic. , it's size is smaller than the size that appears on your web site, so you stretched it to fit the web page, that's a no no ..hehe , resample it with a graphic editor to be exactly the measure you need. and voila' you have a much better header.
  3. please post a link to don brights website, lol, don't let barron make all the money around here :D :D