Another great day

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  1. Markets rebounding huge especially tech

    The nasdaq is on its way to setting 52 week highs big rebound

    as usual the pics are up


    Just buy these and hold on for a few months make $$$ doing nothing. thats what I did. No L2 quotes or multiple trading screens required unless you enjoy the extra work.

    And also there is NO MORE bad news

    terror under control

    rates to remain stable (the bumbling fed chief knows better than to raise rates anymore considering what happened last summer)

    oil going lower

    earnings & profits at historical highs

    manufacturing up

    housing rebounding

    consumers spending more


  2. you are correct sir...

    I have been trying to tell everyone this for years now....

    they are giving out free money and I am taking some...

    Plenty to go around for everyone:D
  3. 2007 will be turning point where the 'guru's' are gonna be putting 3000+ targets on the nasdaq
  4. Where's BlueStreek?
    Please buy now buy buy..
  5. I would say it's safe to say we have around 100% up room to go this year both in ES & RUT. Minor corrections of 1-2 pts can happen along the way when naive shorts are pressing it, that's when you load up on margin dip buying.
  6. Slaves predict... Kings react
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    anotherrrrrrrrr record eqtrdr says, free money for everyoneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee....tonight the asian markets will make more buy buy.....mondays losses completely back in the green for the year.
  8. epurdo or whater his name is says we get excited over a "1-2" point tick off the low. Um well..this is a 32 point tick. Where is he anyway?
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    now i have to see that stupid orange record breaking image on cnbc all night.
  10. Fools like him disappear quickly once they got caught on the wrong side of the market.
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