Another GOP christian preacher politician biggot busted for cheating

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    hahahaha...the gov of sc disappears to Argentina to bang his mistress.I love gop/christian values...Practice what u preach and legislate.This guy and the nevada senator last week both busted for violating their marriage vows and lying yet both are hardcore advocates of the defense of marriage act and anti gay???When will the gop stop trying to legislate morality that they cant abide by?Even their own beleif in the bible nonsense cant keep their minds off the poon tang...hahaha....GOP=RIP
  2. Add him to the end of the parade ...oh, did you see the parade?
    Show them the parade.
  3. dsq do you have a reference for that?
  4. Bible says be fruitful & multiply.

    Some take that advice a bit too liberally.
  5. And some of these GOPers have mistaken fruitful for fruity. (Not that there's anything wrong with that -- I'm just saying.)
  6. Dude the chicks in SA. are so anally obsessed they can drive a man wild and "outside his mind."

    Guaranteed the First Lady of South Carolina ain't giving up da Booty. Sometime a man has gotta travel.


  7. Another hypocrite from the party of morals and family values
  8. So much easier to be an atheist, so you dont have to worry about the morals and being perfect huh? As an atheist you can do all the immorral stuff you want and nobody will call you out on it because you are just an immorral person anyway and everyone knows it. You call him a GOP Christian preacher politician biggot. I call him a true democrat that was just pretending to be a republican.
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    liberals dont try to legislate morality and marriage you conservative idiot...
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