Another genius implementation by our favored broker!

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by Bob111, Jun 12, 2006.

  1. Bob111


    It appears to me, that on Friday IB implement another ridiculous restriction. You order will be rejected, if there is no bid and ask, because IB cannot value amount of money for it and your buying power. This will raise popup, saying CANNOT VALUE THIS CONTRACT\ORDER AT THIS TIME.
    So-if you want place order before or after market open-forget about it. With >100K in buying power on account I tried to place order worth 2K @ 9:30 on tiny traded stock and it get rejected. Because there is no bid\ask yet.
    IB! For 1001 time-on what planet your programmers live? If you can’t value contract by bid\ask you MUST refer to LAST AVIALIABLE PRICE (which in this case should be Friday close). How hard for all those IT geniuses with 6 figures salary to understand it?
    Sick of it…
  2. JORGE


    I've been getting the same pop-up about half the time I try and enter a short during regular market hours. I then immediately reenter the order and it is accepted. Very annoying.
  3. they might be having a malfunction lately.i've had problems with futures for the past few days.i dont know if its related
  4. Bob111


    looks like this error message appears,when you trying to sell\short. no messages on long side.
  5. vikana

    vikana Moderator

    I've seen the same problem both Friday and Today. Since I put in limit orders, it seems like TWS should be able to value my order without a Bid/Ask!
  6. vikana

    vikana Moderator

    Today was even worse for me. Got about 50 pop-up dialogs with the error message.

    It's really nuts to pop a blocking dialog in response to an API order. At least feed the error message back through the API, so that our software can deal with it.

    I've filed a trouble ticket, and I suggest others seeing this, do so too.
  7. Bob111


    done this yesterday. also did send private message to IBsoft. he already confirmed and forward info about this issue to developers.
    hope they fix it soon.
    when you place order via API-yes,you can get rid of the messages and try to resubmit the order,but if you use basket-that where the fun really begins. because of those popups computer freezes and only an option is to shut down TWS via task manager...not to mentioned missed fills and missed commissions for IB.
  8. Fighter


    I just can't understand how you guys short, trade future on this
    unstable trading platerform and still make money.

    I use it as my long term investment so I can tolerate unstable system occured.