Another Fraud (and I once talked to this guy...)

Discussion in 'Trading' started by MKTrader, May 11, 2008.

  1. A few years ago, this guy was heavily promoted for his chat room and other services.

    Supposedly, he scalped "huge profits" daily in the eminis. I actually talked to him a few times, and while he was a nice enough guy, some things he said just didn't add up. When I asked about his military background (which I shared with him), he hinted that he didn't leave the Air Force under the best of conditions. That was another tip off.

    All I bought from him was a worthless book, which I sent back to the publisher for a prompt refund. Unfortunately, some others weren't so lucky...
  2. Glad you didn't get ripped off, but who reads the Minot ND News?

    J/K :D
  3. For whatever reason (boredom?) I Googled for his name. Hadn't heard anything about him in a few years.

    "Why not Minot" as they used to say. ;-) It was never a top choice for an Air Force assignment, I can tell you that much!

  4. I did a stint at Finland AFS, Minnesota... if I recall, Minot was in our loop.
  5. LOL, I think we pm'd MK, and same here. Had a book or something from him from long ago. Another fraud exposed! If I remember correctly he is another fraud alumni of Tradewins publishing.
    I thought Minot was a Nuke base, at least in the bad old days of the Cold War. Think thats one of those parts of the country that has quite a few missle silos in the ground for the end of the world scenario launch.
  6. Yeah, I think we did PM.

    I bet Tradewins will keep selling his books, too. Maybe they can add another blurb, "Mr. Frazier still trades his incredible system from one of N. Dakota's finest white-collar crime correctional facilities!"

    I heard about another vendor who tried to pull his book off Tradewins b/c of their over-the-top marketing. Despite his attempts at legal action, TW keeps selling his book to this day.

    Yes, Minot is a nuke base. Not long ago, there was an incident where a B-52 flew off on a stateside journey with nukes attached. It made some headlines and got the wing commander fired. Maybe there's more excitement in "Why Not?" than I realized!