another fox news babe

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  1. <3


    FRuiTY P. (knows a babe when he sees one) :cool:
  2. Where DO they find them? :D
  3. Whilst we are on the subject of cable tv, what about that Richard what's his name fellow on CNN ?

    How on earth did he ever get that job ?
    He comes through to me as a complete idiot.

    Did he get that job because he is married to someone's daughter ?
    Is it because of his family's wealth and influence ?
    Or am I mistaken about all this and is it because of his ability ?

  4. FasterPussycat said : "Where DO they find them? "

    MY question is 'Do they f.... them before they get the job ?

  5. Yes.
  6. Babak



    I'm sure there's a casting couch in the producer's office.
  7. LOL...CNN? Do you record that on your Betamax machine?
    Log on to Prodigy on your Commador64?

    The Communist News Network's era has passed.
    Try Fox News, you'll like it.
  8. Actually I am quite impressed with the talent seen on CNN during the past few days. ('Talent' as in meaning impressive announcers). Normally I look mainly at Foxnews.

    It looks however as if they must have sent Richard what's his name either packing or on holidays.

  9. Brother Fruity,

    The babe in the pic is HOT... I would give her one...

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