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  1. This is a little more retail and derivative oriented. Joining Jake Bernstein and John Person for an evening on June 23rd. Should be fun.

    Followed the next night by a more intimate dinner with those who might want to meet with my my Miami traders (June 24th). More details on that coming soon...still picking the restaurant.

    Hope to see some of you ET'ers again.....

  2. Traders take the risk, and you make the money from charging them fees, commissions, etc? What is your performance as a trader over 10 years?
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    probably better than yours :)
  4. You are a bullshitter (Don or one of his reps/workers/etc?)


    I have met all 3 in person. Stand up guys.
    I met John Person, and Jake Bernstein in 2004 at the West Palm Beach Wealth Expo. I met Don Bright in 2009 at the Houston, Texas Seminar they hosted.

    These 3 guys have been in the business for so long they are the experts in this sphere.

    Word to the wise for attendee’s is listen, God gave you Two Ears, and one mouth for a reason, Listen and take notes, do not talk or ask too many questions, go there to learn and absorb as much as you can. Just Be Open to the flow of knowledge and wealth they have to offer well worth it. A steal for $49.

    I would like to fly out there; just to join you all.
    Alot of solid education.
    If Mr. Weiss will consider it, may just do that.


    PS Don, Host an event with John and Jake here in Houston, I will market to the advisors and traders here, maybe later in the year, or after that one. I would like to see John and Jake again.

    P.S.S Thanks again for hosting the event you did in Houston.
    Food was great! It open my eyes to trading beyond what I had expected. Very empowering!
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    3500 posts in 1 year? Do you trade or just post stupid shit on websites all day?


    And an entrepreneur doesn't take risks opening a business, whether it be new trading offices or otherwise growing their business?

    And FYI, commissions and fees are a part of any traders expenditures, whether retail or prop.

    I certainly don't bitch and moan because I incur fees in my trading day in and day out (retail, not prop) and I appreciate the underlying support and reliability of the hardware/software that is a part of my trading platform.
  8. There have been good years, and lean years, for Bright Trading, and we're still here. I am proud of what we've developed of the last 2 decades, and like to share with others. When top traders com to us from another Firm, and want to expand their horizions, I want to help them.

    Regarding working with Jake and John, why not? They're seasoned pros, and I don't see any multi-thousand fee for dinner and a discussion.

    Thanks for the all the words of support, and come on down for either or both events. The second one is going to be smaller and more intimate. so please acknowledge early on that on (24th).

    See you there...

  9. I asked Don how he is doing as a trader, he answered how bright trading is doing as a business! Bright trading should make money from commissions/othercharges to the customers who are traders.

    Don: your non answer is an answer. One may assume that you mean that you do not trade, or that if you trade you would not say what your record is.

    I think you are a good salesman. As for trading, I do not know as I do not have the facts, but my inclination is that if I were to assess you based on what I have read is that I would be surprised if you are above the average of your own customers. If it is the case, you are charging people who are better than yourself?

    I think your educational background seems to come from an area where talking and arguing is the most important determinent to success. I would not be surprised if you got some real low grades in math/sciences if you ever took classes in these areas. In other words, you may lack rigor, but your throat maybe strong because of a lot of talking.
  10. You are an idiot. My point is that Bright may make money from commish, similar to a middle man between a prop trader and a broker/clearing.

    What does a customer gets as added value that would justify the middleman role?
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