Another "flash mob" incident- belligerents all appear to be "youths".

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  1. Toraine Norris, The Birmingham News, June 7, 2011

    Bessemer and Hueytown police, Jefferson County sheriff’s deputies and ambulances descended on the Alabama Adventure theme park in Bessemer this afternoon, with witnesses reporting numerous fights inside the park.


    Felix Torres, who was visiting the park today with his son, described it as a “borderline riot.” He witnessed at least eight different fights, including chair throwing in the water park, and at least three people taken out of the park on gurneys, he said. “Every time we turned around, there was a fight,” Torres said.


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  2. I guess "youths" must be the new racist code word for black
  3. Are you saying that the MSM is racist?


  4. No ,but you definitely are
  5. But I'm not the one who initiated the use of "youths" as a code word for black people, the MSM did. So how does that make me racist?

  6. And how did you come to the conclusion that MSM initiated the use of "youths" as a code word for black people ?
  7. You are the racist / race baiter. That is a fact.
  8. Do I post negative story after negative story about a specific race ?Did I say I wouldn't want my hypothetical daughter to marry a black man simply because he's black ?
  9. ............ (banned alias) is a racist / race baiter too.
  10. Range Rover (another banned alias) is a racist / race baiter.
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