Another Failure of Big Government/TSA

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Lucrum, Aug 14, 2012.

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  2. Thanks Bush.And I thought republicans were supposed to be the party of small government
  3. Paul Ryan voted for The Aviation and Transportation Security Act (which created The TSA)The Homeland Security Act (which created the homeland security big government monstrosity) and the Patriot Act
  4. Lucrum


    Don't forget to thank all the democrats that voted for it as well.

    And I'm STILL voting for the ABO ticket.
  5. Mav88


    Conservatives are for small gov't, republicans soemtimes are conservatives. Democrats are ALWAYS for big gov't.

    The point remains no matter who voted what. Big government is incompetant, inefficient, and a proven failure when it comes to running an economy.
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    I have flown in the airport at Eau Claire, WI.

    It has two flights a day outbound at 6:00 am and 3:00 PM, and the aircraft holds about 60 poeple. I counted 6 TSA agents! At most they work 40 minutes each flight, it took us 15 minutes to have the whole flight get past security. These 6 government workers then dissappear to who knows where. They could play cards all day and nobody would notice.

    The awful greed and waste of unions and government anything, same story over and over. They just don't give a shit about anyone but themselves. Look at all the old american unions, old guys were greedy and didn't care taht they ruined it for the younger generation. Look at seniors, they don't care that there will be a big credit card bill to pay for their government care after they are gone.
  8. Yet Reagan,Bush and Bush grew the government more then Carter,Clinton and Obama
  9. 377OHMS


    He crossed the active runways without being detected?
  10. I saw the exact same thing in florida. Small airport, 20 or 30 TSA goons hanging around, most of them so old they couldn't have handled any kind of emergency. They were only using one metal detector, so there was a huge backup, even though they had all those dimwits standing around. Then a couple of them showed up as the plane was boarding and started taking hand samples to run through a machine for bomb residue. They picked several women in wheelchairs who had to be in their 90's. A couple of them clearly had alzheimers and were terrified.

    They are worse than a bad joke because they harrass people yet provide no real security. Just the illusion.
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