Another example showing liberal media sucks!

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  1. Here is yet another example of why liberal media sucks! They will do ANYTHING to support Odumbo! I don't want a conservative media! I don't want a liberal media! I want them to stay the hell out of the way - I will decide the facts....OK, here is the quote from the shills at MSNBC concerning the ZERO job growth...,

    "A strike by about 45,000 Verizon Communications workers helped push employment in the information services down by 48,000. Allowing for the decline from the Verizon strike, private payrolls would have risen by 62,000."

    To these knucklebrains I say, "Get the f^(k out of here with your "new" math!" Not in any form of correct math can 62,000=45,000!!!!! Gee, if I just blow smoke up my underwear...I can kind of see that if the 45,000 hadn't been on strike...we would have had 62,000 new jobs. Even if you had the brains to subtract 62,000 - 45,000...I am still left with gaining 17,000 jobs...where did these 17,000 jobs that MSNBC claims "existed" go?

    I rant...sorry!

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    How can you be surprised when they try to pass off stuff like this and then act like they are actually a news organization?

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    Private payrolls in Aug were up 17k for the month, but that number was offset by the -17k in gov't jobs for zero net gain. So....

    17 + 45 = 62k private sector jobs.

    Old (man's) math. Also, some good old fashioned reading helps, too.

    Now, if they'd lets us use signatures again in out posts, I'd have all three of the "R's" covered.
  5. The real farse is how the rate stayed at 9.1 with zero jobs. Has any media outlet written about that?
  6. Kind of my point was that MSNBC's numbers did not add up. Is my memory wrong...or in the past would ONE news source have given you enough information to understand the truth...I kind of thought that was the idea of "NEWS." What your post proved was that...gee, if you follow multiple news can understand the truth. To me...that is the media HIDING the truth.

  7. I agree with you! Haven't we been told that the economy needed 150,000 jobs per month just to keep up with immigration? (If not 150,000, it was a similar sized number.) If we added ZERO new jobs...overall unemployment should have gone up!