Another example of why $$$MR. MARKET$$$ is superior

Discussion in 'Politics' started by mrmarket, Sep 4, 2003.

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    Good that your here mrmarket
    First, DGabriel makes a good point (as much as I hate to admit that) "Mr. Market is proof that a bull move will give a monkey with some longs the delusion that he has conquered the markets."

    Now I will show why. Mr market recommends COH @ 51, he says it's going to 59. Well mr market, I bet I understand things alittle better than you. I say it goes to 45 before it goes to 57 (both are 6 points away). So it's a bet.

    If I am right and COH goes to 45 first, you come to this board and admit your mistake, for a change. Then you truthfully explain about how you hold onto all your losing positions, and never discuss those on this board in depth. You talk about how they would halt any so called winning streak you love to brag about. If you have an education, you understand this, and will do this.

    AAA, you think this is funny? Not really, the fact that they let this stay here, but ran off Johnny Rotten, shows someone is missing a good sense of humor. There's a huge class difference.

    And this guy, who's pretending to be a Wharton grad called Ernie, is not close to JR's league.>>>>

    For those of you keeping score, COH closed at 59.28 yesterday. Score another HUGE success for $$$MR. MARKET$$$!!

    I'm waiting for Roger Hershey to tell the board who the superior trader is....

    I think its only fair that ET keep this thread alive until he does so as I was willing to accept his challenge.
  2. the original challenge was from "Roger Hershey" who may no longer exist on this board....
  3. dont matter...just buy!!!!

    dow to 11k, NAz to 2100......get up baby...get up

    squueeeze dem shorts!!

    they dont learn

    I shall give mr market my finest meats and cheeses....
  4. Good for you mrmarket!

    What a gentleman, too. You could have claimed 'victory' when it closed above 57 days ago (even when it opened at 57 A MONTH ago) and yet you chose to stick to your original call of 59.

    Hat's off to another great call.
  5. where is Roger Hershey to eat his serving of crow?? I guess he's not much of a man after all...
  6. ...great call...your not trading your investing, but who cares...give credit where it's due....btw IS romeo going to step up to the plate?????? I remember the gauntlet thrown down by dgabriel...
  7. Romeo, and his miniscule GMAT score, doesn't stand a chance against me....that's why he ran and hid...did you see HELE today??

    I am HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  8. well, the whole market is looking better but i have one problem with the hele pick....yousaid it is already up got to get on the horse earlier, but hey 15% is fine by any standard....did you do what i told you and sell the covered calls at your target price???
  9. no....why don't you post on my group and tell everyone how to do it:
  10. sorry, the only group i join is group sex.....seriously though if you are going to hold it six-12 weeks, sell the cov. call and possibly sell a put .....
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