Another Example of Black Bigotry in Atlanta

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  1. Have you ever heard the phrase 'Once Black you don't go back'? I've personally heard several older black guys use those words. Down here in Atlanta, blacks take those words very seriously, when it comes to keeping blacks in positions of authority.

    In just another long line of examples of reverse discrimination and racial bigotry and prejudice in metro Atlanta, we now have this coming out in the news:

    A memo is circulating around the black community urging it to get behind a single black candidate for Atlanta mayor. Aaron Turpeau, wrote the memo on behalf of the Black Leadership Forum. The memo says: "Time is of the essence because in order to defeat a Norwood (white) mayoral candidacy, we have to get out now and work in a manner to defeat her without a runoff, and the key is a significant turnout in the general election."

    Atlanta has had a black mayor for the past 25 yrs. White people have been moving back into Atlanta in huge numbers since 2000 and a white candidate, Mary Norwood has a very good chance of winning the next election. This has black city officials scared to death, that their city could be taken back by whites.

    Maybe one day in the far distant future, blacks will come to realize, like most others already have, that voting for the best candidate, rather than race is the way to vote.
  2. slavery, oppression , blah, blah, blah ...
  3. Uhh hello, maybe if you stupid ass liberals stop telling blacks they are victims and whitey owes the black man you wouldn't have this type of learned behavior. You reap what you sow liberals.
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    Canton here, I don't pay much attention to City politics, but I do loathe trips to Hartsfield.
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    Democrats need all those black votes.. they get 95% of black votes, think of all the elections that would go Republican if the Black vote was split between the two major parties??

    They have kept racism alive and well by making it happen.. when Jessee Jackson wins a big discrimination lawsuit he ensures that employers will never hire a black worker... Democrats are continually fanning the flames of racism among Blacks..

    Sociologists have done testing regarding racial thinking... BY FAR the most race oriented people in the USA are blacks... they don't have any other mode of thinking almost...

    So they keep on voting for Democrats who keep them on inner city reservations and keep holding out the promise of freedom.. while they enslave them just to get their votes..

    Self employed people are hard to tax, they can hide gains and whatnot.. big business just pays to have laws enacted that exempt them from taxation.. higher paid workers that get a paycheck can't avoid the tax man however... if they vote for Democrats they are just as silly as the Blacks...
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    No, Bill Handel reported on it [KFI Los Angeles] a couple of years ago...

    To me, the race issue as a non-starter.. The human genome project completely debunked the idea that there is a big difference between Black and White genome.. so much for all the far right racial ideas and a lot of the evolution theories...... and the idea that the Blacks were just so maltreated.. hell yes, so were Jews, Orientals, American Indians, and a lot of Whites, etc... the Left just plays that fiddle so much that [quasi] Whitey's like me just don't care.. Blacks can go get jobs any time they want off the Democrat reservation.... until then.. Yawn...