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    it is still unstable... I was running it for 30 days during a recent trial given I want to consolidate things a bit, and I wasnt impressed... the interface is fast and clean... which is why I am attracted to it (specially being able to create custom instruments and spreads that I can paste from chaoshunter without much alteration) ... but the data management aspect sucks... it would stop receiving data at intervals because it would disconnect, and no way to connect back without a restart of the whole app... to me, that is just not acceptable... I will patiently wait and try it out again in a few months to see if they improve...
  2. I have similar experiences with reconnection. I run it 24/7 and it never reconnects if the cable connection burps. Have to restart, losing whatever tick data was extracted from the tape.
  3. Maybe you guys would be better with V10.6.

    i can reboot my modem and router without closing down esignal and the connection light goes to red then back to green, reconnecting without a problem.
  4. Well, gag me with a spoon! eS actully announced the release of 11.6.3024 on startup this AM!
  5. eSignal 11 is still unusable for trading. I trade with 10 and use 11 because it can display a larger range of volume and range data.

    E.g., the ES market just opened on Sunday. eSig 11 goes gray. It takes a full 22 (that is twenty-two) minutes to regain control and display current data. This was with only 7000 contracts traded in that time. And this is not unusual. I can be reviewing some historical data in the middle of the day, and out of the blue eSig 11 hangs for several minutes. Imagine relying on executing a trade when that happens.

    If there is an eSig 11 developer out there I would ask you to check your memory management. It seems that sometimes eSig caches everything and than takes forever to load things back in. Now I bought an extra 8 gb of memory just for eSig 11. There is plenty of memory available on my machine, much more than the eSig commit size. It seems that if you would just keep everything in memory, many performance issues would be solved.
  6. That's disappointing to hear. I was thinking of making the transition from 10 to 11, but clearly the product needs more work.
  7. eSignal Support

    eSignal Support eSignal

    It's no secret that eSignal 11 uses more system resources than the older eSignal 10.6 program. This is largely due to the program bringing a lot more features to the table than the old version. With the release of the latest version of eSignal 11.6 there have been great improvements specific to the performance of the application.

    There are a lot of components that can contribute to the performance of the program on a given system. Since the eSignal application is highly customizable, not one set up is exactly equal to another. There are parts of the eSignal application that are not operating up to our standards and we are working to get these improved. Most performance issues with the program can be resolved with help from our tech support team and I urge anyone that is currently having similar issues to contact us so that we can better assist in solving these problems.

    Topics specific to this thread:

    With each major release of the eSignal 11 application there is an update flag that will appear in the bottom right when a new version is available for download from our website. This is generally how we make our clients aware that there is a new version that has been released.

    As far as the performance of the latest version goes, this has been improved as I mentioned above. There are sections of the application that are not operating the way we would like them to as far as resource management goes. Our developers are looking deep into these issues and we are confident that these will be repaired in a Service Pack that will be released soon.

    eSignal contact information:
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    Can anyone comment on eSignal 11.6 as of June 2013? I'm fed up with how ugly and ghetto NinjaTrader's charting platform is as well as Sierra and others. It's 2013 and you could swear these tools were written in 1996. Marketscope 2.0 is the most beautiful charting platform I have ever used and it kills me that more charting tools can't follow suit. Unfortunately you can only trade FX with it!
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    From what I've heard the mentioned service pack should be released within a couple of weeks.

    I've never used Marketscope that you mentioned, but just from screenshots it looks like a toy compared to 11.6. But after SP1 comes out it would be best for you to take a 30 day free trial and see for yourself if it meets your needs.
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