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  1. Noone123


    For various reasons mentioned below, I am starting another ES trading journal:
    1. For entertainment purposes. I know you all are itching for another ES journal. If you're going to comment on this thread, make sure to keep it entertaining.
    2. Track my process - went live as of 5/7/18.
    For reference, date and profit in ES point will be updated. However, I do have hectic schedules from time to time, so no promises of daily update.

    Date Gain/Loss
    5/7/2018 2.5
    5/8/2018 -5
    5/9/2018 17.5
    5/10/2018 15.5
    5/11/2018 5.25

  2. truetype


    Not really a "journal" without trades, but whatever floats your boat.
  3. Palindrome


    I will never understand why someone would only trade 1 market. I trade ES and 10 other futures contracts. Some weeks there are zero quality trades to be made in ES in my opinion.

    Why don't you pick 4 markets and trade 1 awesome setup that occurs 1 to 3 times per month per contract and make concrete money instead of your stupid ES journal.
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  4. Zodiac4u


    This journal will not be taken seriously, a real journal needs real entries for accountability.
  5. Noone123


    Each market has its own set of behaviors; some may operate in similar ways. In this case, the same system can be used to trade them. When markets are behaving differently, you need multiple systems, which requires time, energy and dedication to implement. To trade multiple markets at the same time, you need to work harder each day to handle all the systems, unless you automate them. Why be jack of all trades and the master of none? If you can make money in ES, then, devote full energy and dedication to improve the system until you have mastered this market first.

    This system literally takes 30 mins of my time a day, which allows for a full time job that pays very well. The only awesome setup is one that can make money consistently. If you can make money consistently, then, you dont need to deal with 4 different markets, unless you have exhausted the liquidity of the current one you are trading.
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  6. Noone123


    Even if I were to post entries, how can you be certain the entries are legit? To KISS, I just post daily gain/loss. There are quite a few journals that do not post trades. This journal is not a deviation from the norm.
  7. Palindrome


    All markets move very similar to each other. Markets go from one extreme to another, in all time frames. Crude, ES, AUD, Silver, trade very similarly. One extreme to another, over and over and over and over again. I run the same system over 11 different contracts. I will never understand "ES only traders" It only makes sense in my opinion if you trade 5k lot per trade, where you need good liquidity.
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  8. Noone123


    What data and duration of such data do you have to back up that claim? From your first post, it seems like you are trading different markets because there are not enough entries in each market. There're plenty of signals for me in ES, hence, there's no need to spread my capital thin by trading more markets. I have fully utilized my trading capital in ES, hence, there's little need to look elsewhere, unless I can generate higher return with the same system in another market. I pick ES first since there's enough liquidity to support scalability.
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  9. Zodiac4u


    Yes, this journal like many others that do not post real time are not taken seriously. Like it or not this is the way it is. Good luck.
  10. manonfire


    Or just trading the front month. Lots of opportunity to trade two way in the same instrument using the back months.
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