Another drop coming - not what you think

Discussion in 'Trading' started by 11Blade, Nov 2, 2009.

  1. 11Blade


    This H1N1 flu is going to shut down the economy. Vaccines did not get out fast enough and my personal experiencie shows most hospitals are turning patients away and only the sickest get admitted.

    The entire lobby of children's hospirtal of philadelphia is now a triage area. Community hospitals cannot handle the onslaught.

    This is going to keep people home, hurt productivity and put Xmas shopping to a grinding halt.

    I remain pessimistic since this the last thing the "recovering" US economy needs.

    Everybody calls a top here. I say we take a temporary dump. (Thats my top call).

    Keep your stops in and run at first sign of trouble.(or alternatively run towards to make a profit :) )

  2. You're goin' to have to wait a week for that drop. This week is bulls week. :)
  3. wutang


    Do people really think this swine flu isn't blown way out of proportion? For fucks sake the regular flu kills a ton more people every year and nobody gets bent out of shape over it.