Another deleted advisory service thread

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  1. It's like magic-- you can link to any non-sponsor site but you can't mention Rennick's glass ball service (i'm too scared to even call it by the name he gives it). If you mention it, the mushroom cloud quickly comes in and vaporizes the thread. The first time I was at fault since I mentioned it, now Caddy mentioned it. Funny. So please -- if you want to talk about advisory services/swing newsletters, etc and want the thread to last - DO NOT link to Rennick's service.
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    think or swim became sponsor was the direct result of a member taking action. After joining she realized that she can contributed by simply telling TOS about ET sponsorship... hint, hint. :)
  3. it all makes sense.
  4. Persistent spamming of paid service by certain posters, posters whose 20 out of 27 posts are about a particular advisory service being good and services which have a history of spamming using existing and old members is the reason the thread was deleted and certain members were warned about their behavior.
    Trying to gain free advertising on ET using the guise of useful threads is an old trick.
  5. i have zero reason to spam, and as far as i know neither did anyone else on the thread you deleted. was there really 20 posts with good things to say, damn they must not have seen todays morning call:D. people on et like to add their 2 cents, in my case fiddy cent. instead of deleting every mention of rennicks ball you guys should try to get them to be a sponsor. that might be a bad idea though the way everyone here attacks sponsors, hell what am i talkin about , we attack everybody. lol

    shack>>>attack:D :D