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  1. I can't help but laugh. Today, AMZN fell 6 points in like 15 seconds on some Bloomberg story; albeit it rebounded. I had feb90p and made a quick $3 (unexpected) - but it served as a reminder (which everyone forgets when "happy days are here again") that what goes up slowly falls 2-3xs as fast once it reaches levels wherein there is pricing for perfection. What happened to Greece and other Euro countries going BK? lol. What happened to our deficit? I guess Rick Santorum or Barak Obama is going to solve all the problems after November.

    These markets remind me why I left trading 6 years ago and returned to the sanity of real life, even though you can certainly make profits when the long side is a "sure" thing, like it is now apparently?! Last year is a distant memory. No more volatility. Life is good. Can't wait for April to watch this market crash. And, I'm not typically a bear.

    Of course I managed to find a loser this week. FSLR

    Soon as I had front calls some ANALyst comes out with a "downgrade" and the shorts manage to crash the stock from 50 to 38 in 14 nanoseconds. I would have rather given that money to charity. Of course my march 40p went up. Whoopee!

    We got Congress-scum trading on inside info and analysts who can downgrade a stock after their firm front-runs it! Great country.
  2. Don't blame anyone for your mistakes. if you base decisions on analyst calls you deserve it, sorry man. Just follow the trend. It is up. If you get two lower closes sell. It is that easy man. Where have you been?
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    What the heck happened in the last 10 minutes? all i kept hearing on cnbc is that the top is in for the short term the pull back today is healthy and long over due theres a lot of fear in the market because of all the rioting and austerity in Greece... i just get back to my computer and we closed green!?!? We were making lows on the day down over 10 handles on the S&P when I went into my kitchen to grab something to eat at 3:30 lol
  4. The market has become a farce. I am glad I took out 75% of my money after the MF Global scam.
    On the other hand it's a shame that 7 years of dedicated, passionate work has become useless.
    Our politicians are responsible, in the US as much as in Europe and Japan. All parties, all sides of the aisle, not a single one of them can be spared the blame.
  5. i have no idea what you just tried to convey! lol

    I didn't follow any dufus analyst. I was long feb 46c on FSLR - since the chart to me looked like it was a precursor to a upside breakout - like every other piece of crap in this market has been doing lately. So obviously I am pissed that this one piece of crap FSLR, that I was long (even with my hedge of march 40p) crashes while the NDX/NAZ makes highs. I sold some premium against the g-damn 46c and hope to recoup 50% of loss, while selling the FSLR march 40p for a double.

    I just don't like ANALysts downgrades -- after-- I am sure, the analyst's firm had entered puts or had a short pos. prior thereto.

    Also how the H does this stock go down when all other boats are rising.

    But things always fall much faster.

    good luck
  6. I don't understand why people are complaining, these government-backed bull grinds are the easiest money in the world. Find something that is going up (including ES etc.), find literally any excuse to buy - S/R, MA pullback, channels, trendline, macd/stochs cross, etc. etc. - and do so with a decently wide stop, and you can't hardly lose.

    Of course the trend will change one day just as it did in Feb 2011, but till then...
  7. Couldn't agree more!!
  8. i just want to confirm that the market closed lower today...

    getting older and my eyes are not that good; so maybe I'm seeing things or just delusional. lol

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