Another Day Another UPGRADE!!!!!!!!!

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    $600 price target for google this morning, the analysts just cant get enough and just continue to upgrade everything from tech to bank stocks. Im waiting for the next fool to come out and upgrade google to $800 and maybe a few more fools to go ahead and push their upgrade prediction to $1000.

    Because google is really worth $300 Billion dollars.....


    Ahead of the Bell: Analyst boosts Google target
    Analyst raises target price for Google stock to $600 as economic recovery takes hold

    * On 8:53 am EDT, Friday October 9, 2009

    NEW YORK (AP) -- An analyst sharply raised his share price target on Google Inc. Friday, just two days after the online search leader's CEO Eric Schmidt said an economic recovery is under way in the U.S. and Europe.

    Credit Suisee analyst Spencer Wang increased his price target to $600 from $475. The new target implies the stock has room to rise 17 percent over the next year. Google's shares last crossed $600 in May 2008.

    Wang said he expects Google's advertising revenue will benefit from improved consumer spending and higher ad spending. He kept an "Outperform" rating on Google's shares.

    On Wednesday, Schmidt said Europe's economic improvement appears to be keeping pace with the U.S. He said advertising is traditionally a lagging indicator of how the economy is faring because businesses buy more ads when they have already noticed an improvement.

    Wang said online search will be "one of the first advertising mediums to benefit from an advertising recovery."

    Wang is not the only analyst to express more confidence that Google's share price will increase. Late last month Stifel Nicolaus analyst George Askew hiked his target price to $590 from $475 and reiterated a "Buy" rating.
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    Sell Google to the Chinese and clear the debt.
  3. I hate to side with the analysts, but perhaps you are the fool for laughing at all of the upgrades over the past 6 months?
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    Upgrades left and right, each more positive on a daily basis especially those looking out to 2010 but what I don't get is why do we still have rates at 0%, someone has to tell bernanke to get a head start on moving those interest rates higher before things get too out of control.

    Sector Snap: Tech hardware sector upgraded
    Barclays upgrades technology hardware sector as storage, server demand improves

    * On 1:17 pm EDT, Friday October 9, 2009

    Analyst Ben Reitzes said server and storage demand is picking up, and the momentum can continue through 2010. Shares of at least two data storage companies -- EMC Corp. and NetApp Inc. -- hit a 52-week high Friday. IBM set a new peak, too.

    Reitzes noted that a recent Barclays survey of chief information officers found that the executives' views on spending improved from May to October. They expect spending to grow through 2010, according to the survey.

    "We believe investors are expecting growth for 2010; but we would note that survey respondents are likely being conservative in their outlook for 2010 given recent economic pressures," the analyst said.
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    You know how I spot the losing traders on this site?

    When I see people complaining about how high stocks are and mocking anything that pumps them even more.

    I am a trader, I don't care about any of this stuff.

    All this biases and comments makes you look stupid because a real trader does not give a shit as long as the market is structured, and what we got right now, is a beautiful structure.