Another day, another bubble. Twitter worth $1,000,000,000!!!!!! WTF!!!!

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    Here we are again in bubble land, twitter doesn't have profits and is still trying ways to create ways to have some source of revenue. Seems the harder they try the higher the valuation they place on a company that doesn't make a single Fu$king dollar.




    Reports Place Twitter's Value at $1 Billion
    By Jason Turbow on Sep 17, 2009 01:41 PM

    It seems like every week another story hits the wires about how much Twitter is worth today. Well, today's story puts all the other ones to shame.

    In the company's latest private venture round valuation, its value was placed somewhere north of $1 billion, CEO Evan Williams reportedly told employees at a recent all-hands meeting.

    It's a staggering number considering that when Twitter underwent a similar valuation in the process of raising $35 million earlier this year, it was valued at $250 million.

    Daily Finance reports that this round of fundraising will net the company some $50 million, and says that on a per-user basis, the San Francisco-based company is worth 1.5 times more than Facebook.

    Valuations range from:

    * $263-385 million (the implied valuation from what sellers are offering to buy Twitter shares at on private equity trading startup SharesPost)
    * $589 million (NeXt Up! Research, assuming Twitter will have $134 million in revenue in 2013, a 25 percent profit margin and a price-earnings multiple of 25)
    * $1 billion (what Insight Venture Partners is reportedly valuing the company at)
    * $1.3 billion (The Wall Street Journal, assuming Twitter will have 250 million users and $500 million in revenue in 2013, a 27 percent profit margin and price-earnings multiple of 20. The paper then applied a 20 percent discount rate to accommodate the riskiness of the company.)
    * $1.7 billion (TechCrunch, assuming that Facebook’s worth $10 billion and dividing that by the ratio of Facebook’s user base to Twitter’s. He also considered how much the average Internet user spends in all the countries Twitter has users in.)
    * $5 billion (Robert Scoble, who argued on a mostly qualitative basis)
  2. The power of the media?

    Just goes to show the most lucrative companies are media related companies, fyi*.

    It's not worth that price, just say'n. Either that or grab some IPO shares and liquidate on open.

  3. A recent job posting on Best Buy Co Inc.’s Web site for a Senior Manager – Emerging Media Marketing position based out of the company’s corporate headquarters in Richfield, Minn. listed two preferred job qualifications: a graduate degree and 250+ followers on Twitter.

    Basic qualifications for the position include a Bachelor’s degree, “two plus years of mobile or social media marketing experience” at the director or strategist level, “four plus years people or resource leadership experience” and “one plus years of active blogging experience."

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    so facebook must be worth one trillion $?