Another Day and Still No Bailout

Discussion in 'Trading' started by flipflopper, Mar 5, 2008.

  1. What the f happened Gasparino you useless fuck. Let me guess... Gaspirino will come out late in the day with another "update" where he will explain that... "after a late dinner of takeout chinese several board members began napping but they are now making a trip to Starbucks to refuel for a vigorous day of negotiations... a deal is imminent." The market will ralley 20 points.

    Just get this meaningless deal out the way so we can move on.
  2. havent you been paying attention? The rumors only come out when the market is weak and breaking new lows for the day.
  3. There's no need to actually do the deal if the rumors move the market. Get more fuel out of the rumors than you do the deal.
  4. The funny thing is yesterday I noticed the market couldn't break any lower even though it should so I started covering all my shorts. When it broke the downtrend line on high volume I actually went long. I was honest to god thinking this must be Gaspirno but he already made his little announcement earlier so it couldn't be... but maybe...

    I was making $1800 at that point on a nice slow easy day... the second I heard the words Gasparino and update I lost it... I immediately went long huge (because of greed I thought goddamit I worked hard all day to make good money now this fucker is giving points away again) then the market spiked down I got stopped and pissed that I lost good money on bullshit then I shorted... got popped the other way!?!? This always happens when I get greedy and try to play these fast money news spikes. Greed is my own problem regardless of that asshole... I just need to keep making money the slow boring way. But chasing that Gaspirno free money cost me $1200 of profit.

    By the way I DO NOT listen to CNBC but my news service provides his updates since they currently move the market.
  5. Excellent point! Thats exactly what I think is happening. They are using that pointless deal as a hammer over shorts head to prop this market up. Once its out of the way (if it ever actually gets done) market can finally freefall. I'm simply stupified that with everything thats going on, were not even in a bear market on the dow and s&p.
  6. Ambak has taken the place of Osama Bin Lauden rumors. Boy they use to get a good pop from that.

    Also Bearn Stearns John Ryding use to come out and talk about an inner meeting rate cut after the indexs fell hard over several days, that was good for a pop as well.