Another conquest for the super-troll: 'Hello' banned from ET!

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Rearden Metal, Jan 21, 2011.

  1. Un-fucking-believable! Yet another well-liked poster has been banned to protect a troll! I've been informed that 'Hello' is now banned from ET, after King Troll Optional777 provoked him into responding aggressively.

    List of ET members banned to protect the filthy troll: Hapaboy, traderNik, Axeman, momo/ph0x, and now 'Hello' too... Will Rearden Metal be next? Are the troll's 'contributions' to this site really more valuable than stuff like this?

    Is the presence of a pedophile troll such a valuable asset to ET that all his detractors need to be banned? It makes no sense, and the mods must realize this on some level.
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    Are you f*cking serious? What warranted the ban?
  3. Baron

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    Where'd you get that from.
  4. Hello


    It said pretty clearly that I was banned when i tried to log in this morning, the post which was made to optional777 was deleted. Now my account is unbanned.

    I tried creating a new account just to send PM's to some of the people i know on this site and get phone numbers/contact info, since i could not access my inbox, and that was banned within about 10 minutes, Baron i think that it is pretty clear that there is an overzealous moderator out there somewhere, because it doesnt just seem like a strange coincidence, when the person in question is optional777, and a couple weeks before lucrum was banned for a short period of time

    Thank you for unbanning me, but it is obvious that someone out there is doing this stuff for no apparent reason. The comment i made to Optional was 1 comment, i never got into some multi thread pissing contest with him, and other than that most of the time i am able to hold my toungue, and simply not respond, however if you go over the record, i think you will see quite clearly that most of the things optional has posted are far worse then any of the responses he is getting from people so i really dont understand it. This is not just a coincidence when stuff gets posted in the P&R section and it is conservatives getting banned all the time, until someone mentions that they are mad about the ban.
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    The exact same thing happened with Lucrum, the second someone started a thread about him he was unbanned, and you posted about it saying you didnt know what was going on, I dont know if you are seeing these people who are banned unjustifiably and fixing it, then pretending not to know that it happened, or if the overzealous moderator who is banning people in the first place is simply unbanning people the second attention is drawn to it.

    There is definately something stange happening though.
  6. Wow, get a load of this now... An anonymous stranger just PMed me the following claim: <b>"I used to trade with Magna some years back in 2003 and saw Magna post a few messages under the Optional777 alias."</b>
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    ET-leaks! The wiki-leaks for ET.
  8. An anonymous stranger just PMed me the following claim: "I used to trade with Magna some years back in 2003 and saw Magna post a few messages under the Optional777 alias."

    Baron, this is a very serious allegation against Magna, and I wouldn't want his name sullied if this is false. Can you please investigate and then let everyone know whether or not the accusation is true?
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    That allegation is false. The premise of this thread is false as well.
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