Another CNBC "Wall St Crisis" live show this Sunday evening?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by turkeyneck, Oct 4, 2008.

Another CNBC Sunday evening live show?

  1. Yes

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  1. The fear mongering continues with futures quote down to the millisecond and the obligatory panel of "experts" to give you their precious 2 cents?
  2. Lucrum


    Just out of polite curiosity, are you drinking right now?
  3. I think their clock shows the hundreds of a second, not milliseconds, but I am with you, man, this is just silly either way.
  4. cnbc decides to get bearish after a 4000 point drop... where were they in friggin november with the classic double top...
  5. No need for a show when futures are going to be up big. They will have something to talk about tomorrow when we give it all back.
  6. It's up only 1 right now... :D
  7. They put their party hats on and told you to buy, buy, buy.
  8. I based that post on a Fed market pump. :)
  9. LEAPup


    Unless you want to laugh ("Cramerica," Dlyan Ratigan, Bob Pisani,) i.e., entertainment, watch Bloomberg.

    CNBC is what I'll tune into to for drama, and entertainment from time to time.

    When $$$$$ is on the line, Bloomberg's the only financial T.V around.

    (I like Rick Santelli though, and wonder when he's going to defect to Bloomberg. I guess when they step up to the plate and pay him more than CNBC...)

    I'm still amazed that "Cramerica" is still aired. Of course, common sense and ignorance in america... Well, say no more.
  10. It depends. Those boys and girls at the PPT have been putting in a lot of time. They may not have the talking points ready for tonight.
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