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  1. Are you kidding? Seriously, Enron and Koczloski were sacrificial lambs to appease the masses. There are plenty more and there always have been. I am confident there were more crooks and crooked companies during the stock market run up then now. Back then everybody was dancing in the streets with the paper profits so they overlooked cooked books. Pro Forma earnings, Bullshit! Options, unless you are on the board of Jet Blue, have always have been given favorable treatment to the board room buddies. Don't get me started. :p Okay off my soapbox and back to charts. :D
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    It does seem like a joke. This much US might and so mucn corruption.
  3. It's getting a little too blatant for my taste.

    The incompetence level is just absurd. Seriously, we know SEC is just a power tool of the big B/Ds and the rich but they need to at least try to pretend that they do not allow blatant insider trading occur.
  4. So true...
    Exchanges, Clearing Firms, and Big B/Ds are beyond the law...
    While NASD examiners amuse themselves by constantly harassing small B/Ds over trivial matters.

    Since I terminated my membership in the NASD...
    I am a FREE MAN once again... and feel as good as James Brown.
  5. Honestly speaking, I believe the only difference between the corruption in the US and say Mexico is that our government corruption is more sophisticated and at higher levels, that's all. In most states the cops won't ask for a payoff for a speeding violation, but politicians will ask for a big contribution if you want them to vote for your bill. We have had longer to perfect corruption :D .
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