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    Aleph StockQuote for Pocket PC has been newly released. It has a good user interface. Check realtime quote, intraday chart and news in one place. You can save the chart on some important day and study it later on. Check the features here:

    No subscription fee required. Use it as long as you wish.
  2. What about futures (sp500 and ES markets)?
  3. i cant find the info on the site that says the range...i.e. is it bound to america or is the software usable anywhere on earth? (most pocket pc's like that iv seen...are only in a small area useable.)
  4. Interesting...... Is the data streaming?
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    A good question. But there is no free data source for realtime future quotes. We are developing another product to include futures and use alternative data sources. Suggestions for features are welcome. Contact us at
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    As long as you are connected to the internet, you can use this software anywhere on earth. There are many ways to connect your ppc into internet.

    1. put it into cradle
    2. use built-in wifi or a wireless compactflash card
    3. using a compactflash modem or ethernet card.
    4. insert a CompactFlash GSM / GPRS Card into your ppc and turn it into a PPC+Cellphone+Wireless Quoting Matchine
    5. connect your ppc to a cellphone with bluetooth or cable.
    6. Buy a Pocket PC based cellphone

    I personally use my Pocket PC as an alarm clock beside the bed. When I wake up, I can see instantly what was happening on the other side of the world and check pre-market as well. It's a great fun.
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    A good question. However, we focus on low brandwidth consumption as well. Most wireless internet cellphone plans have brandwidth limitations. So our software retrieves data in small intervals reducing much of the brandwidth demand. For realtime data from ECN, tick by tick data does not represent all the transactions in the whole market, so it isn't critical. Interval-based data fetch from ECN is good enough to get the picture of the market.
  8. does it work on a palm platform ?

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    I currently use MidCast Pro from the guys at It gives me streaming real-time Big Board and NAS stocks. I'm always open to trying other stuff. I pay $29.95/mth for MidCast pro but that also does news and alerts. Is your real-time just a one time fee? Can you do news and alerts?
    thanks Flyland!!

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    Unfortunately, Palm is not supported now.
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