Another child predator we can "study" to satisfy the Libs

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  1. Bizarre blogger charged in girl's slaying

    Young victim's aunt: 'I hope they give him the death penalty'

    Monday, April 17, 2006

    PURCELL, Oklahoma (CNN) -- Prosecutors filed first-degree murder charges Monday against a grocery store clerk accused of killing a 10-year-old neighbor after writing about a bizarre scheme to consume human flesh.

    Kevin Ray Underwood remained in an Oklahoma jail cell under a suicide watch. He was arraigned Monday afternoon in the slaying of Jamie Rose Bolin.

    Bolin's aunt, Linda Chiles, said Monday that she hopes Underwood is convicted and put to death.

    "I feel sorry for his family. I feel sorry for our family," Chiles told reporters. "What he did is unspeakable. There's no way to take it back. There's no way to fix it. He didn't just break a glass; he broke a baby."

    "I just hope he gets what he deserves. I hope they give him the death penalty," she said. "He doesn't deserve to stay any longer. She doesn't get to be here." (Watch Chiles tell Underwood's family she doesn't blame them -- 11:35)

    District Attorney Tim Kuykendall said his office will seek the death penalty, arguing that the crime was especially heinous and cruel and that Underwood would present a continued threat to society.

    The girl's body was found late Friday in a plastic tub hidden in a bedroom closet in Underwood's apartment in Purcell, about 40 miles south of Oklahoma City, District Attorney Tim Kuykendall said.

    A police affidavit said Underwood confessed to the killing. (Watch a fact check on cannibalism -- 1:30)

    Outside the courthouse, a man named Bruce Schwartz screamed "Hang him! Hang him!" and "String him up! String him up!"

    Schwartz, holding a lasso and a bucket, called Underwood a "baby killer" before being taken into custody by sheriff's deputies.

    Chiles said the man's remarks made her "nervous" and upset the family.

    "I do have faith in our judicial system," she said.

    Underwood's Internet blog allegedly revealed his bizarre intentions.

    Underwood, 26, wrote, "If you were a cannibal, what would you wear to dinner?"

    "My fantasies are getting weirder and weirder," he wrote in another entry. "Dangerously weird. If people knew the kinds of things I think about anymore, I'd probably be locked away." (Watch how suspect put his violent thoughts online -- 2:03)

    Purcell Police Chief David Tompkins said investigators think Underwood planned to eat the girl's corpse, according to an AP report.

    Meat tenderizer found

    The police affidavit said Underwood told FBI agents checking the contents of a plastic tub in his apartment, "Go ahead and arrest me. She is in there. I chopped her up."

    Kuykendall, the prosecutor, said that meat tenderizer and barbecue skewers were found in Underwood's apartment, apparently intended to be used on the girl.

    The girl's clothes had been removed, but the only outward sign of injury was deep marks to her neck from a decapitation attempt, Kuykendall said. Her clothing was in the tub in which her body was found, along with a towel to soak up blood.

    Preliminary autopsy results indicate she was struck in the head several times with a wooden cutting board. Authorities believe Underwood then used his hand and duct tape to asphyxiate her, Kuykendall said.

    Authorities do not believe the suspect had any previous victims. Underwood had no felony criminal history and no known mental illness.

    However, police believe Jamie was selected simply because she walked past Underwood's apartment on Wednesday -- the last day she was seen alive.

    Authorities think she was killed shortly afterward, before police were notified of her disappearance.

    The girl "happened to be the one that was ultimately selected for this plan," although others had been targeted and considered, Tompkins said.

    Children allegedly targeted

    "Whoever walked by was going to be a victim," Tompkins said. "There were very likely other potential targets or victims -- it could have been either a boy or a girl, an adult or a child."

    Authorities have information that a 5-year-old boy and an adult female were among other victims considered, he said, declining to elaborate.

    "A child was chosen because a child would put up less of a fight," Kuykendall said.

    He said he had discussed Underwood's alleged plan with Jamie's family.

    "It's very hard to talk to a family about things like this," he said. "I kind of look at it in terms of, would I want to know what happened to my daughter, my child?"

    Authorities suspect Underwood bought items such as a hacksaw, the barbecue skewers and meat tenderizer in months leading up to the crime, Kuykendall said. He described Underwood as being cooperative with investigators.

    Chiles said it was a relief to the family to learn that the girl "wasn't really tortured."

    The family was told that "she was gone" soon after she entered Underwood's apartment, Chiles said.

    "There's a reason for everything," she said. "Because of Jamie, he'll no longer be able to ever do this to any other kid."

    'Guy next door'
    Underwood had worked at a grocery store for about a year and at a fast-food restaurant before then, Tompkins said. He had lived in the apartments about a year and a half.

    "He was very quiet ... comes from a nice family" and had a close relationship with relatives, he said. "Nothing in his background that we know of would have indicated that he could have done this. He was the guy next door."

    Underwood's mother spoke to the AP on Sunday. "This is something that I don't know where it came from," she said. "He was always a wonderful boy. I would like to be able to tell her family how sorry we are. I just feel so terrible."

    A former co-worker at a Carl's Jr. restaurant described Underwood as melancholy.

    "He wasn't a happy person. You could see it, you know," Bill Berdan said. "It was hard to get him to smile."

    In his Internet blog, Underwood talked about depression, the AP reported, asking God in one February entry "to make whatever is wrong in my brain go away, so that I can live like a normal person."

    "That's all I want in life, is to be able to live like a normal person."

    Underwood's next court date is May 3, when lawyers will discuss a preliminary hearing date. Kuykendall said a preliminary hearing is about two months away.
  2. Big diff between male and female predators...females don't kill and eat their prey.

    edit...except in the wild!
  3. I suppose if he did hold a GOP office it would satisfy in some sick way your need to politicize the issue.

    Left or right, Dim or Repub, lib or conservative, child predators like this should just be executed.

    And it is mostly the left that is against the death penalty and supports convicted murderers. Tookie Williams ring a bell?
  4. Yes, Hap. This young man just looked them up on the internet sex offender registry and traveled down from the Maritimes to kill them.

    And just a few months earlier good citizens caught up with an offender that did not have an address because he was in and out of homeless shelters and burned him to death under a bridge.

    Stephen King gets ideas for his books from these stories.
  5. I do not condone this vigilante justice.

    I'm saying they should be tried, convicted, and the penalty if found guilty is death.
  6. Mostly the left that is against the death sentence?

    Okay, let's play along. If it is mostly the left that is against the death sentence, that would conversely make mostly the right that favors killing people.

    Let's take a look then around the world, past and present:

    That makes Nazi Germany right wing, along with Stalin's USSR through Putin's Russia today, Red China then and now, North Korea then an now, all the Islamic states, and of course Japan during WWII....shall we continue to build the list of the right wing states who support killing people as a punishment?

    How coincidental that all the totalitarian regimes agree that people need to be murdered for breaking their laws.....

  7. Ricter


    Shaddup ya jackhole, look in your subject line: "Libs".
  8. But if the legal system worked that way in the first place, vigilante justice would be a moot point.
  9. One more thing, and I've mentioned this before, putting a child molester to death is <b>letting him off easy</b> when compared to the alternative (life in prison).

    These are not happy & successful people. They're all complete losers. Failures at everything and talented at nothing. Like professional trolls, these people lead a wretched, tormented existence, and the death penalty just puts them out of their misery.

    Unless putting the child molester to death is directly beneficial for the psychological recovery of the victim's family, life in prison is unquestionably a harsher (and more appropriate) punishment than death.
  10. Ricter


    Your characterization of child molesters is wrong, from my experience working in the justice system. They're not happy when they're in custody, of course, no one is. But otherwise they tend to live fairly normal lives, completely unlike the movies. As inmates they are, as a group, typically the best behaved, and that is not always because they fear life in general population. It's mostly because their sexual preference is their only "hangup", if I can be so glib for a moment, and they are otherwise of normal intelligence and temperament. Unlike the booger-eating, IQ of a slug, thieves, thugs and misanthropes that make up most of the prison population.

    This is not a defense of them, so much as a simple observation. It pays to have some detachment when you work amongst all these various types of scrotes.
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