Another broker providing worldwide markets than IB?

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  1. TraDaToR



    I wonder if there are some other brokers that provides worldwide access, especially to futures exchange?

    Just watching there first page map, I think they offer access to Hong Kong, Sidney, Tokyo...

    Is there some futures broker that provides Bombay, Taipeh, Dalian futures exchange... ? I really like to trade unusual futures.

    I'm looking for a broker that provides automation on each exchange, through their own platform or an API.

  2. ybfjax


    I am also interested, but mostly in LIFFE/EURONEXT indexes. ASIAN index markets as well.

    Any advice as to specific brokers and experience, daytrading margins, minimums, customer service, etc is greatly appreciated.
  3. SAFIN


    Look at GET (Global Electronic Trading) IM using them for futures and cash equities. 19 markets with many contracts.

    Take a look at Fees from USD 6.00 to 0.30 depending on monthly activity.

    If you are looking for high frequency trading you should PM me as my friend is a broker there and can negotiate discounted rates.
  4. virgin


    Same,uiversal account for equities and futures ?
    What daytrading margins ?
  5. SAFIN


    Trade stocks directly from the US to all over Europe, Asia and Australia from a single account.

    Trading cost US stocks is 0.1% or USD 15 US Stocks subject to 25K PDT

    CFDs on Cash For Difference contracts with slightly higher spreads but no commission 10 times leverage no PDT status no uptick rule. Also no data fees

    Now there are Direct Access CFDs which are CFDs with same BID/ASK and brokerage fee but you dont own shares.

    Stock positions can also be used as collateral for margin trading other products such as Forex and CFDs.
  6. ybfjax


    Please tell us more about the futures aspect of this brokerage....
  7. Xenia


    Just another clone ? must have hundreds of them.
  8. virgin


    Right, another clone : synthesisbank
  9. SAFIN


    So is there a topic linking IB and Saxo as rivals? Are Saxo better than IB?
  10. Why didn't you just say it at the outset? After all, there are mostly US based people here -

    "US residents
    Please note that due to regulatory restrictions only Forex spot, Forex OTC options, Saxo Bank Managed FX funds, spot gold and silver can currently be offered to US residents."
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