Another blow to the birthers,Issa won't subpoena birth certificate

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  1. Many birthers said the best thing to come from the GOP taking the House was that Issa would subpoena Obama's birth records,well its not going to happen.

    Its been a tough month for the birthers.The Supreme Court threw out another birther case,Col Terry Linken is going to jail over the birther nonsense and now Issa has made it clear he's not getting involved with the birther wackos.Sorry birthers :(

    With new influence, Issa recasts self as Washington's whistleblower

    By Philip Rucker
    Washington Post Staff Writer

    Rep. Darrell Issa is finally getting what he has long craved: subpoena power. From his new perch atop the committee responsible for oversight investigations, the California Republican will be able to demand any document he wishes and summon anybody to appear before him - no small thing for a man who recently referred to President Obama as "one of the most corrupt presidents in modern times."

    Even so, there's one thing Issa says he won't subpoena: Barack Obama's birth certificate.

    "Mine is not the committee that asks where the president was born," Issa said in an interview. "It doesn't ask what ministers that he went to think. All that stuff is a distraction. I'm not the overseer of the president."
  2. No of course we dont want to get the "real" birth certificate out there. We need a good scapegoat to blame when this country falls apart and Obama is it. We need him in office when it happens so we have someone to hang.
  3. The truth will come out in due time.
  4. We've had a republican president 20 of the last 30 years and now the GOP has half of Congress so Obama wont be the one taking all the blame :)
  5. Keep hope alive LOL !!!!!
  6. The truth has been out for a while now.The only proven and repeated lies on the issue has come from the birthers