Another birth certificate suit thrown out of court

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    Judge Dismisses Army Reservist’s Suit Questioning President’s Eligibility

    A federal judge has throws out the case of an Army reservist fighting his deployment.
    The soldier claims Barack Obama’s presidency is not legitimate, therefore he should not have to deploy to Afghanistan.

    Major Stefan Cook wanted a temporary restraining order so he wouldn’t have to deploy.
    He says it’s not that he doesn’t want to deploy, he just wants to wait until he knows President Obama is eligible to be the Commander-in-Chief.
    Cook’s deployment has already been revoked by the army, but through his lawyer, Major Cook says this is just a small part of the big picture

    “I am more than happy, ready and willing to deploy in Afghanistan but only under lawful orders,” says Major Stefan Cook.

    Major Stefan Cook is a 21-year veteran of the US Army Reserve but this deployment he is fighting on the grounds that President Obama may not be a natural born citizen.

    Cook volunteered to deploy in May of 2009, after the president was sworn in.
    The army says at no point has Cook tried to rescind his orders through the proper military channels. The army says as a volunteer, Cook could have taken back his request to deploy; instead the army revoked it earlier this week.

    Judge Clay Land ruled that there was not need for a temporary restraining order since the orders had already been revoked.

    Cook’s attorney argues that the bigger picture of Obama’s citizenship should have been discussed.

    “It makes no sense, its totally illogical, defies common sense and defies any sense of decency,” says Cook’s attorney, Orly Taitz.

    Judge Land says under the Constitution, federal court should only hear actual case and controversies, not political disputes or hypothetical disputes.

    Taitz says the president must prove two things to be considered a natural born citizen.
    One, that both of his parents were or are U.S. citizens and that the president was born in the United States.

    Taitz feels President Obama has not proven that.

    “How many members of the military do we need to bring until finally somebody will have values, decency to decide with most important issue this country faces?” asks Taitz.

    Taitz says the ruling does not end her fight; she plans to appeal it until it gets resolved.

    US Attorney Maxwell Wood made this comment on the ruling.
    “The judge’s ruling speaks for itself.“

    According to published reports during the presidential campaign, Barack Obama’s campaign did post his Hawaiian birth certificate on its website.
    The White House had no comment.
    Dr. Charles Bullock, a political science professor at the University of Georgia, says only one parent needs to be a citizen for the child to be granted a status of natural born citizen.
    Cook’s attorney says she has more military members who are joining in the fight, court documents show two others listed as plaintiffs.
    A spokesperson with the Army tells News Three that she is not aware of any others who have filed similar lawsuits.
  2. The whole thing was a scam to get a birth certificate case to be heard by a court, it failed like all the rest.Pathetic the lengths these idiots will go

    In May(After Obama was President) he volunteered for Afghan duty

    "Cook is an "individual mobilization augmentee," or a reserve soldier assigned to an active component unit for duty, the newspaper said. He submitted a formal written request to Human Resources Command-St. Louis on May 8 volunteering to serve on year in Afghanistan."

    Then he decides he doesn't want to go and tries to make a court case out of it.BTW,He didn't have to go if he didn't want to ,thats why the order was rescinded

    "Incidentally, Cook did not have to hire a lawyer to refuse his orders to go to Afghanistan. As a reserve soldier and volunteer, he has the right to revoke his deployment orders"
  3. No comments from the birth certificate crowd ?I guess you guys get heart broken everytime a birth certificate case gets dismissed and you need time to recover :) :) :)
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    why bother posting such a pathetic title on this thread. This case was not heard on the merits. It was not a victory for Obama.

    There was no longer any controversy.
    By revoking the orders, the case became moot. (or at least that what I gathered from the article)

    Any non biased observer would find it very curious the army backed down. The army does not usual cater to those who challenge the legitimacy of it orders.
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    Any non biased observer would find it very curious the army backed down. The army does not usual cater to those who challenge the legitimacy of it orders.

    Too much common sense for you, isn't it? Enough for me to get curious.
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  7. For those of you who cant figure it out,it was never about fighting his orders to deploy or the Army backing down.

    Cook volunteered to deploy in May 2009, then in July 2009 said he wouldn't go and wanted to challenge Obamas citizenship

    If Cook really didn't want to go because he thought Obama wasn't President ,why did he volunteer in May after Obama was already sworn into office ?

    This whole circus act was a ploy to get a court to hear the birth certificate case,and like all others it was thrown out
  8. The point is The Army didn't back down, Cook didn't have to go if he didn't want to
  9. He is well on his way out of office. However, it would be nice
    to get him out of there ahead of time.
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