Another billion dollars down the drain.

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    The U.S. decided it needed a new embassy in London. Guess the old one wasnt fashionable enough. How much is this embassy? 1 billion dollars, making it one of the most expensive embassies ever built. I guess the recession is over if we can just start building new embassies. I dont know what was wrong with the old one. It was working fine for the least 200 years. But least they are going green with it...oh wait...its being built in england,so I guess our countrys air and energy usuage will not benefit from it.
  2. yep retarded.
  3. Yes but think of all the new jobs created .... in London.
  4. Well at least they gave the contract to an American company.
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    But it's going to have a mote!! Everyone in America please send Uncle your $3 for your share of the new embassy.

    Opps, I just gave my last $3 to Chile. No more money from me.
  6. Yes...we need that moat to keep out all the terrorists! Otherwise they might storm the embassy. The 10 or 20 million that they are spending just to dig the moat is well worth it, dont you think? I mean the only other way terrorists could storm the building would be to fly some kind of flying machine into the building and that kind of technology wont be invented until the 20th century!
  7. The thing that pisses me off is that 100 years from now, when people read the chapter in their history books about The Decline of the USA, they will think we all were a bunch of retards.
  8. Wont even take 100 years from now. I already thought that the minute Obama got elected.
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    where is the error even if u can find a few exceptions?
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    are they going to name the moat too?
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