Another Big Foreign Policy Flub For Obama

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    Barack Obama's policy of engagement with North Korea lies "in tatters" after it was effectively shot down by Pynongyang's defiant but failed attempt to launch a long-range rocket.

    Former US officials closely involved with North Korea policy said Washington's attempt to win agreement from Pyongyang to abandon its development of nuclear weapons and rockets in exchange for desperately-needed food aid has failed. They now expect North Korea to try and overcome the embarrassment caused at the rocket breaking into pieces over the Yellow Sea by carrying out a third nuclear test in the near future.

    If that goes ahead, it will represent a significant foreign policy failure for Obama and prove a severe political embarrassment in an election year.
  2. North Korea is not the real threat. China is. NK will need another 50 years to get their own rocket. As long as we can keep China or Russia from giving them techs, all is well.
  3. return for Washington providing 240,000 tonnes of food to the North Korea which has faced widespread shortages and famine."

    Perhaps yingyang wans't interested in 240 "tonnes" of pink slime.
  4. They dont know what pink slime is.
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    That's not the point. Wake up and smell the roses.
  6. Leave it to the media of another country to call this like it is. Leave it to the Obama administration to defend the indefensible, and leave it to our lamestream media to not call them on it.
    White House defends North Korea policy
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  8. at what point did smelling roses become the point.:p.