Another big day monday?

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  1. All of asia is up the futures it up and the market is poised to be up again on monday

    DDM is gonna be up and so is QQQQ and DIA. Also, GS will be up and MA and RIMM and BIDU and CHAP

  2. Crude will lead the OIH and the index markets lower.
  3. Could be a nice breakout building up for BIDU.
  4. awesome!!

    great call once again!!

    I love 100% up room to go with ZERO RISK
  5. Nasdaq almost at record highs this year after being in a small slump for past few weeks
  6. Bought some BIDU 120 calls right here just for a play. Nice breakout.
  7. Happy Groundhog Day!
  8. congrats bro on all those puts you posted that you sold a couple weeks ago !!

  9. nasdaq now up another high

    sp00z & dow also make new highs

    This is the bull market of the decade? Very likely.

    What happned to subprimes or greenspans 1/3 recession?

    or what about the so called housing crash?

    or rising oil?

    What happened to rising cost of goods and other rubbish that the bears have been spewing?

    What happend to the so called single digit profits excuse?

    Or the china rate hike?

    or the so called 'carry trade' implosion?
  10. Dumped them at a loss after nasty intraday reversal.
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