Another AZ great idea - Fee to visit prisoners

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  1. Fee for visiting loved ones in prison in latest budget propsal

    PHOENIX – If certain lawmakers get their way, there will be a fee for anyone going to visit someone in prison.

    The latest budget proposal that is part of Gov. Jan Brewer’s budget plan imposes a fee for visiting loved ones behind bars.

    A family would be charged $25 for every person over the age of 8 to help pay for their background check

    Since taxpayers are footing the bill to house inmates and it costs money to provide a system for visitation, I don't see any problem with this. You can debate what the amount should be but not a bad idea.
  2. Max E.

    Max E.

    Sounds like a good idea to me. If you dont like it, dont go to jail.
  3. I forgot which state but they just sold their prison to a private group.

    Charge admission, great idea.

    For all we know the state probably pays for transportation vouchers for family to visit inmates.
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    Sounds like a great idea. They should also put in a McDonalds and make the prisoners pay for their meals.

    And I would put a big walkway over looking every part of the prison and charge sightseers to be able to walk around on it and see what prison life is like and what the prisoners are doing. You could even put cameras on it and create a whole TV series on real life in prison.

    The prison would make a fortune!
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  6. Yep privatize the solution to a problem then your always going to have a problem.
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    Man, you have a future in Hollywood...or Madison Avenue. :)
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    They released a mass murderer who downed a 747 with a bomb and killed scores on the ground in Lockerbie in exchange for some oil drilling access in Libya.

    That is the definition of justice in Scotland.

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  10. Thats all you have on the subject. Who is the dumb ass here.:p
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