Another Amazing Call by Rennick

Discussion in 'Trading' started by William Rennick, Jan 23, 2008.

  1. Ok guys, the wife just pointed something out and I just have to toot my horn.
    Early this morning I woke suddenly after a very real dream I just had. I posted the following to let everyone know of the coming doom.

    and here’s the link

    After the mighty “Ball” issued a FLAT forecast for this afternoon I knew my dream was just a “pipe dream”. I made a decision not to unload my underwater puts I had bought this morning at 10:15 am. and to go over night with them.

    During dinner tonight I told the wife about my dream of the dow being down 1300 points at 2:45 pm and how I missed the call by a mere 1170 points. She laughingly asked how much the dow was actually down at 2:45. I said it was down 130.09 when I last checked it at 2:45pm. She almost spit out here iced tea when I said that. She asked me if it was possible that I misread the number. After recalling what I saw I realized that I had missed the friggen decimal point. I must have saw what I wanted to see since I was expecting doomsday. Click the link below for today’s chart and where the dow was at 2:45 pm New York. You’ll also see how the “Ball” nailed this afternoons call for FLAT afternoon Market action while EVERYONE was expecting a huge move in either direction.

    Now I know you guys are saying ol'Rennick is full of crap, but if I'm lying I'm dying. This really happened fellas, no BS. Anyway,I’m pulling the phone line out of the jack, once news of this hits the Street it will be ringing off the hook. Hey I have to swing into action, the wife thinks she saw something coming over the hedge row, it’s probably the first wave of paparazzi.

    I humbly remain,
    The Amazing Rennick

    ps.Afterhours futures are down sharply, good for my big overnight put position.
  2. I've heard better excuses from rubberbird

  3. What do we close at tomorrow all mighty market predictor?

  4. S2007S


  5. 11,875.55
  6. If it appears in a dream I'll post it.

  7. ES down -4.20

    Dow futures down -23
  8. Ive got s&P futs down over 8, and naz down 30, it was down more earlier.
  9. LOL, the futs are consolidating in a channel for the next up move ... but hey, if he want's to have an "amazing call", I say let'em have it. :)

    Best wishes Rennick, although I believe that some good 'ol "T&A" would be better than your "Ball" any day of the week. :p
  10. I just saw the premarket, trading below yesterdays lows. It looks like it's going to be a good day for my big overnight put position.

    Rennick out:cool:
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