Another al-Qaeda attack on US 'inevitable'

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    No, that's not possible. We're fighting them all in Iraq! I've yet to have someone explain to me why overthrowing the Iraq government is better for national security than closing/securing our borders and ports.

    There never is any detail, is there? No specifics. It's always, "Al-Qaeda's gonna git us! We don't know how or when, but they're a-gonna git us!" We get these vague warnings about every week now, along with "gut feelings" from our Mossad -- I mean, Homeland Security chief.

    But, of course, beyond their obvious purpose of waving about the Arab bogeyman, there is a real warning here.

    Another al-Qaeda attack on US 'inevitable'
    28 Aug, 2007
    WASHINGTON: Al-Qaeda has an active plot to hit the West and although the US is aware of this, it does not possess precise tactical detail to issue a warning or raise the existing threat level, a top American counter-terrorism official has said.

    Another attack on America is only "inevitable", Vice Admiral (retd) John Scott Redd, the Head of the National Counter Terrorism Center, told the Newsweek magazine.

    "We have very strong indicators that al-Qaeda is planning to attack the West and is likely to (try to) attack, and we are pretty sure about that. We know some of the precursors ... they would like to come West, and they would like to come as far West as they can," he said.

    Redd said what is not known is "who this terrorist is going to be, whether he is going to come out of Karachi and be stopping in Frankfurt; travelling on through to New York with his European Union passport to do something".

    "We don't have that kind of tactical detail". They have a "couple of threads" that indicate "some very tactical stuff", Redd said. The top administration official maintained that there is still no definitive word on the fate of Osama bin Laden.

    Asked why people believe the al-Qaeda leader is still alive, Redd asked, "...why do you believe he's dead?".

    "I think we're into the longest period we've gone without hearing from him, but we've done this before. Back in '05, I think (the length of time we didn't hear from bin Laden) may have been a week shorter than now".

    "We haven't heard from him (since spring 2006). People are starting to say, 'He's dead.' Quite frankly, we think that if he had died it would have become known. It would be very hard to keep that from leaking out," Redd said.
  2. "I've yet to have someone explain to me why overthrowing the Iraq government is better for national security than closing/securing our borders and ports."

    Although there is many complaints about outsourcing jobs, the complaints from the rest of the worlds about U.S. is "insourcing". The intelligent and those with money leave foreign countries to live in the U.S We do get the good with the bad. It is not a good idea to close our borders. Keep your enemies close.

    Our govt could be very efficient, Nazi Germany provided the road map in efficient govt. We do not want that.

    The fact NYPD has "branch" offices in cities around the world leads me to believe (NYC as a target) that "our" govt is not up to the job. Too much politics and poor inter agency communications, and for a valid reason, no agency should have too much power, not an American principle.