Another $42 billion for wars: the bull market will continue...

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  1. Only if he gets it...
  2. You can practically imagine all that dough circling the shitter. I think I know who Dave Mustaine was talking about, all those years ago.

    Megadeth/Symphony of Destruction...........

    You take a mortal man,
    And put him in control
    Watch him become a god,
    Watch peoples heads a'roll

    Just like the Pied Piper
    Led rats through the streets
    We dance like marionettes,
    Swaying to the Symphony...
    Of Destruction
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    Rather than being the lead guy in "promoting and protecting the interests of the American people" (that's SUPPOSED to be his job, right?), he's used his office to promote his personal agenda at the EXPENSE of the American people and American military personnel lives.

    The total bill for Iraq, $600B and counting, works out to about $30,000 for every man, woman, and child in Iraq.

    I'd have rather seen that money go into helping AMERICANS who need it, infrastructure, power grid, etc.
  5. Another thing most Americans are unaware of is the fact that privatization of the military in Iraq has alos cost untold billions all without the voting publics approval.
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    Of course he'll get it. Too much money and power being made on the back of this war.

    I've always said that it's easy to work Americans out. All you have to do is follow the money and you'll get your answer.

    ie, if continuing the war means more profits then the war will be continued. So the war will only end when the money pendulem swings back the other way.

    "The business of America is business" lest we forget.
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    well said
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    He'll get it.... wouldn't want to be accused of "not supporting the troops" in an election year.

  9. Since the war was declard the markets have risen about 50%.
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